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What to Do When Injured at a Hotel

Hotels in Hollywood, Miami, and South Florida promise a comfortable and safe stay for guests. When hotels are negligent in providing safety measures, however, you may sustain injury during your stay. Common hotel injuries and damages can include slip and fall accidents, thefts or attacks, exposure to pests, and other hazards.


Hotels can reduce these dangers by using cameras and security guards, screening staff carefully, maintaining locks and other hotel features, keeping areas well-lit, having 24/7 staff on duty, controlling infestations of pests, and training staff properly. If hotels fail to take these and other reasonable steps to keep guests safe, they can be held liable for any injuries guest sustain as a result of the negligence.

What to Do if You Are Injured in South Florida

If you are injured in a hotel or may have been injured, ask staff to call 911 or report the incident and see a doctor or walk-in clinic. You want to ensure the hotel is aware of the incident and you also want to get documentation or proof of the injuries and the hotel’s role in the damages. This means you will want to get the names of any hotel employees you talked to about the injury, including the manager you spoke with, a copy of your medical report, contact information for any witnesses, and photos of the area where the injury took place.

Hotels will try to limit liability, so before you sign any paperwork or make any other decisions which could impact your claim, speak to a Hollywood premises liability attorney. An attorney can review any insurance you have and can help you understand the cost of your injuries. If you have a claim, an attorney can represent you and help strengthen your claim. Having a personal injury attorney ensures someone is looking out for your best interest and seeking the fairest compensation so lost wages, medical bills, and other losses are covered.

If you are staying in a short-term rental, use extra caution. There may not be any staff or anyone on site to witness an injury and personal homes will generally have fewer precautions when compared with hotels. In addition, some short-term rentals are not permitted by condo or homeowners associations, and if you are injured in an illegal rental you may have difficulty getting compensation for your injuries. In any situation involving an injury at a short-term rental, contact a personal injury attorney immediately.

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