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Wind and Rain Damage in Your Home

In Aventura, Coral Gables, and other South Florida communities, serious storms and winds routinely blow in, causing serious damage, especially if properties are not built and renovated to code.


Common damages to homes can include fallen trees, broken windows, damaged siding, collapsed roofs, and more. Trailers and smaller buildings can be completely demolished. In addition to the personal injury which can occur with some damage, the aftermath can put properties at risk of mold, looting, and other problems and repairs are often lengthy and expensive. In some cases, the interior and personal belongings in your home can also be damaged. While homeowners’ insurance is meant to help property owners with repairs, it’s not always easy to get the money you deserve—and there may be other options available to you.

Insurance and Storms

Property insurance is meant to protect your home, the possessions in your home, and items on your property, such as boats, RVs, and more. However, there are a few problems you may run into when you attempt to file a claim:

  • After a serious storm, your insurer may take a long time to reply or you may not even be able to contact them because of all the other property owners calling in.
  • You may get less money than you need for repairs.
  • The repair process can take a long time and additional damage can happen in the meantime, leading to more costly repairs.
  • You may incur significant expenses, such as needing to pay for alternate housing, while your claim is processed.
  • Your insurer may claim the storm or part of the damage was not covered.

For all these reasons, you may want to consult with a property damage claims attorney in South Florida if your home has been damaged by a storm or by strong winds. An attorney understands how to ensure your insurer acts in good faith and you get the help you need.

What To Do After a Serious Storm

The steps you take after a storm can affect your claim. You will want to:

  • Get to safety with your household.
  • Contact your insurer to file a claim.
  • Take photos of all the storm damage.
  • Review your insurance policy so you understand it.
  • Secure any property you can.
  • Contact an attorney for help.

How Can a Wind and Rain Damage Attorney Make a Difference?

You are under no obligation to work with an attorney if your property has suffered damage and you have insurance. However, an attorney may be able to help. Insurance companies often take claims more seriously when they are handled by experienced attorneys with a good reputation. Even if you can’t get your insurance company to take your calls, an attorney may be able to get through.

Since your property is likely your largest asset, it’s important to make sure you’re covered against any damage. Incorrectly-completed repairs or unaddressed damage can impact your property value and can make your home uninhabitable. Insurance companies may underestimate the cost of repairs and renovations after a storm, but an attorney can step in to make sure you get the financial recovery you need to pay for repairs.

An attorney can also help you understand whether you have any third-party claims. In addition to your homeowners’ insurance, some of your home or home’s components may still be under warranty or insured separately, and this can be another source of compensation to pay for repairs. In addition, if unsafe materials or poor workmanship contributed to property damage, your attorney can help you understand whether you have a third-party claim and may be able to help you seek financial recovery through a lawsuit. Your attorney’s job is to help you get compensation so your home can return as close to its “pre-damaged” state as possible.

Damaged Property? Contact Flaxman Law Group

If your home has been damaged by wind, storms, or for other reasons, schedule a free accident consultation by calling Flaxman Law Group at 1-866-352-9626 (1-866-FLAXMAN) to speak with a Hollywood wind and rain property damage lawyer.


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