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Windows Can be an Unexpected Hazard in Your Hialeah or Florida Home

Many of us don’t think too much about the safety of windows, but windows are in fact responsible for many serious injuries to children in Hialeah and across Florida. There are several ways that children can be injured and several ways that we can help prevent these types of injuries:

1) Falls.

Children are sometimes able to open a window in an apartment complex or in a home and are able to crawl out of the window, falling to the ground below. This often results in fatalities, spinal cord injury, or head injury. If you have curious toddlers or young children, make sure that the windows in their room are securely latched and cannot be opened easily. Do not push cribs, beds, or other furniture up against a window or under a window; these can provide a surface for a child to climb up onto the window.


2) Children getting outside.

Children are often curious and can be independent. In some cases, children can crawl out of a first story window and go wandering around the neighborhood, putting themselves at risk of pedestrian accidents and other injury. Make sure that windows are childproof and cannot easily be opened by a toddler or small child. Keep children supervised at all times to prevent them from wandering off.

3) Cuts.

Children may throw objects at a window or may accidentally break the panes with their bodies or hands, causing severe cuts and even life-threatening injury. Sturdy windows that are properly maintained can help you avoid cuts and serious injury. Moving furniture away from windows can also help since it can limit access to windows.

4) Crushing injuries.

Some windows can slam shut quite easily, and curious children exploring the window can find their hands or fingers trapped between as the window comes crashing down. To prevent this, make sure that your windows are properly secured and maintained so that the sashes are not broken or dangerous.

5) Strangulation.

Some window treatments and blinds have long cords, tie-backs, or strings that can pose a strangulation hazard for small children. Keep children away from windows and keep cords or tie-backs well out of the way of curious youngsters.

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