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What Leads to Florida Truck Accident and Car Accident Insurance Fraud?

Some Florida truck drivers find themselves part of a staged accident – a car rams into them and the driver (or their attorney) assert that the truck driver caused the truck accident. Passenger vehicle drivers also sometimes find themselves part of this type of insurance fraud. Unfortunately, insurance industry experts note that Florida has the dubious distinction of leading the nation in car accident fraud. Several factors cause this type of fraud:

1) Fraud companies. According to the insurance industry, Florida car accident insurance fraud is highly organized, with doctors, clinics, patients, and some attorneys working together to defraud the insurers. In some cases, these companies even advertise to convince people to report false Florida truck accident and car accident claims.

2) Insurance rules. Insurance companies must pay Personal Injury Protection (PIP) claims within 30 days of an accident. Often, this does not give insurers enough time to carefully investigate a Florida truck accident or car accident to determine whether it is real or fraudulent. This is especially the case in situations where many accidents occur around the same time so that claims adjusters are spread thin. In addition, some companies aiming to defraud insurers purposely stage accident before a weekend or holiday to further reduce the chances insurers have to investigate an accident.

3) Economic loss. In many cases, companies that have organized to defraud insurance companies market themselves to the unemployed and to recent immigrants, promising them money in exchange for nothing. Unfortunately, the instances of car insurance fraud in Florida have increased since the economic downturn of 2008.

4) Perceptions of the insurance industry. Many people do not feel bad bout defrauding the insurance industry. Many polls have suggested that drivers tend to see the insurance companies are overly profitable and as charging high premiums. Some drivers even see fraud as a way to get more value out of their already high premiums.

5) Rules about clinic licensing. In Florida, some specialists who are individually licensed – including massage therapists and chiropractors – do not need to license their clinics. For insurers, it is harder to get information about these clinics and insurance companies claim that these clinics produce many of the fraudulent claims they see.

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