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Proposed Recorders to Reduce Florida Truck Accidents Caused by Fatigued Driving?

US Senators Lamar Alexander (R-Tennessee) and Mark Pryor (D-Arkansas) are supporting proposed federal laws which would make it mandatory for most commercial tractor trailers to have electronic on-board data recorders installed on board. According to industry experts, this law, if passed, might help prevent truck accidents caused by fatigued drivers. The bill, known as the Commercial Driver Compliance Improvement Act, might go into effect in 36 months if passed.

Experts say that electronic data recorders might help prevent fatigued driving and the accidents caused by sleepy drivers because the devices would identify the driver, record the location of the truck in real time, and keep track of driving time as well as stop times. If a truck were pulled over, the devices would allow police to access the information.

Experts note that these features would help prevent accidents in a number of ways. The tamper-proof recorders could keep note of how long drivers were driving and would allow drivers to keep tabs on compliance with hours of service laws. By allowing police to access the data, recorders would also make enforcement of such laws simpler. Plus, in the event of a Florida truck accident or an accident anywhere, the information recorded would help establish liability, potentially.

According to at least one study, fatigued drivers may contribute to as many as one out of every seven fatal trucking accidents. There are currently about 500 000 trucking companies in the industry, and while implementing the recorders would be expensive for the industry, experts note that such recorders are the only reliable way to ensure that hours of service rules are being followed.

Currently, drivers are required to keep a log book of hours driven and hours rested, but these books rely on self-reporting, which has been proven to be fallible and easy to falsify. The recorders can also be useful in identifying which driver was in which truck at which time, something which can be useful for law enforcement and investigators after any Florida car accident involving a truck.

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