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Florida Truck Accidents Involving Delivery Trucks

While large commercial tractor trailers get a lot of attention in discussions of Florida truck accident risks, delivery trucks are also a danger on the state’s roads. Delivery truck accidents can lead to the same serious injuries and to fatalities. As well, there are a number of factors that make delivery trucks especially dangerous:

1) There are a great many delivery trucks on the roads. In addition to major courier services, most cities have local couriers as well as a host of local companies offering delivery service. The large number of delivery trucks increase the odds that these vehicles will be in accidents.

2) Driver training varies widely. Commercial truck drivers are required by federal law to meet specific training requirements and to commit to specific job-safety standards (such as hours of service regulations). This is also true of delivery truck drivers working for large national companies. However, local companies with drivers operating smaller trucks often are not required to adhere to such regulations.

3) The pressures of the job. Delivery truck drivers – especially drivers working for couriers – are under a great deal of pressure to deliver packages under very strict deadlines. This can lead to mistakes, speeding and carelessness that can lead to serious accidents.

4) Delivery trucks often deliver items to residential areas. While commercial tractor trailers largely drive on highways, delivery trucks generally make deliveries to residential addresses – including addresses in areas where a driver may not be familiar with a specific neighborhood. This can increase the risk of Florida pedestrian accidents involving such trucks.

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