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North Miami Hopes to Reduce Florida Truck Accidents with Ordinance

North Miami has proposed an ordinance which would require food trucks, which appear regularly at such events as the Biscayne Triangle Truck Round-Up, to get licenses and permits. The proposal, if successful, would charge food trucks $167 yearly and $50 one-time fee to pay for a background check. Currently, food trucks in the area do not need permits or checks to operate in the area. Although there are no statistics suggesting that food trucks contribute to Florida truck accidents, some have raised concerns:

1) The industry is less regulated than the commercial trucking industry. Commercial trucks are subject to many rules. Drivers are usually trained and must obey rules about hours of service and other laws. Food trucks, however, are less regulated, and the North Miami ordinance would at least require background checks on those operating the trucks.

2) The trucks congregate in parking lots. This has the potential to cause accidents as trucks back up or pull into the lot. There are no reports of such accidents, but some feel that the sheer numbers of food trucks could create such accidents.

3) The trucks usually require some form of fuel for food preparation. While most operators take precautions to ensure a safe work environment, some people point out that parking lots are a bad place to set up food trucks that include additional sources of fuel. Any fire in such a truck has the potential to cause a serious conflagration.

4) The trucks attract pedestrians. Some worry that the trucks could contribute to Florida pedestrian accidents because they attract large numbers of pedestrians. As well, since these trucks often set up shop near parking lots or in parking lots, the trucks can produce more pedestrian traffic in areas with many cars, creating a large risk for Florida car accidents.

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