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Are Drunk Passenger Car Drivers More at Risk for Florida Truck Accidents?

Drivers who choose to drive drunk are at risk of Florida car accidents, but also at risk of fatal truck accidents. That’s because commercial truck drivers are often on the road late at night, when many drunk driving accidents take place. When drunk drivers take reckless risks around commercial trucks, those risks are likely to be their last. Commercial trucks can weight up to 80 000 pounds fully loaded and take much longer to come to a complete stop when compared to passenger vehicles. Commercial trucks are not as flexible and cannot make the same defensive maneuvers as passenger vehicles. A drunk driver weaving around trucks may cause a collision. In this type of crash, the passenger car driver is likely to suffer serious injuries or even death, due to the size and force of the truck. According to the AAA, there are many things that drivers can do to prevent Florida drunk driving accidents involving cars or trucks:

1) Get your car serviced regularly. Whether you plan on drinking or not, keeping your car in good repair is important, as it ensures that your car will respond the way you need it to in case you need to drive defensively. Even if you make the right decisions about drinking and driving, other drivers may not. Having a car that functions well can help you stop in time or can help you get out of the way of an accident.
2) Do not drink and drive. The easiest way to avoid a Florida drunk driving accident is to simply avoid drinking driving. If you drink, find another way home. If you are going somewhere where alternative forms of transportation will be difficult to find, avoid drinking entirely.

3) Avoid distractions. Drinking and driving is not the only danger on the road. You cannot share the road safely with trucks and other vehicles if you are distracted. You may not notice changes in traffic flow in time if you are looking at a cell phone or playing with the radio. Shut off your cell phone when you drive and pull over to the side of the road if you need to make a call or need to change a CD.

4) Have a few plans for getting home safely – whether you intend to drink or not. Even if you decide to go out and not drink, you need to have a plan for getting home safely. You may end up drinking after all, or you may be too tired after a long night to drive safely. If you decide to drink, make sure that you have a plan for getting home safely. Better yet, have a few options. That way, if one option does not work, you still have other ways of getting home. That is, have a designated driver and money to take a cab or have money set aside to get a hotel room if you need it.

5) Avoid driver fatigue. If you stay out late at a restaurant and bar and do not drink, you are still a risk on the road if you are fatigued. Driving fatigued can slow down your driving as much as alcohol. As well, driving tired late at night means that you run the risk of falling asleep at the wheel. If you are too tired to drive, take a cab or get a ride from a sober friend.

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