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A Florida Truck Accident May Cost More Than You Think

Florida truck accidents can be one of the most expensive accidents on the roads. In many cases, insurance carriers cover only the immediate costs of the accident, but victims often face numerous costs and expenses, including:

1) The cost of car repair or replacement. After a Florida car accident or truck accident, you will need to replace or repair your vehicle. Due to the size of a truck, the most likely scenario is that your car will be beyond repair. If you have a car loan or are making car payments, you will also need to cover these costs, even if the vehicle is no longer functional.

2) Lost income. Recovering from a Florida truck accident can take months or years. If you cannot work during this time, you will need to replace lost income. If you have a permanent injury, you may need to replace a lifetime of income or you may need to take on a lower-paying job and make up for the difference in income.

3) Medical costs. The medical costs after a truck accident can be staggering. Since injuries in a truck accident are more likely to be serious, patients can expect long hospital stays and long treatments, which can add up quickly. Someone who has sustained serious injuries in a truck accident can end up paying hundreds of thousands of dollars a year for treatment. Medical costs can include hospital stays, surgery, home care, medication, rehabilitation, doctor visits, and more.
4) Secondary medical costs. In addition to the immediate medical costs, there are often secondary medical costs as well. For example, you may need to pay for a taxi to get to a doctor’s appointment or you may need to buy medical devices and equipment, such as crutches or supports. Over months and years, these costs can really add up.

5) Transportation costs. If you are severely injured, you may not be able to drive for some time after your accident. This will mean that you will need to pay for taxis or other forms of transportation as you heal.

6) Alternative care. Many truck accident victims are in severe pain after their accident, and, unfortunately, medical science cannot always help chronic pain patients. Many patients turn to alternative or holistic treatments to supplement medical care and increase the chances of healing. Unfortunately, these costs are usually not covered by insurance, even if the treatments are truly necessary for a patient to help manage severe pain.

7) Accessibility costs. After an accident, a Florida spinal cord injury patient or brain injury patient may have decreased mobility. He or she may need a wheel chair, a wheel chair ramp at home, an accessible vehicle, and other accessibly features for their home. These can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

8) Property damage considerations. Anything in your car at the time of the accident, including digital cameras, jewelry, cell phones, work laptop, mobile devices, and other items, is likely to be damaged in the accident. You will likely need to replace these items, which can also be a substantial investment.

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