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Tire Failure and Coral Gables Truck Accidents

Tire failures causes many Coral Gables truck accidents each year. When a tire failure or blowout occurs, the truck driver can easily lose control of the vehicle and veer into other traffic. In addition, parts of a tire can be thrown into the path or windshield of oncoming cars, causing a Coral Gables car accident. There are many things that can cause a Coral Cables tire blowout or tire failure on a commercial truck:

1) Heavy use of the brake pads. In many cases, this is considered a driver error. If a driver places undue stress on the brake pads – which can often occur on hills, especially, this places extra pressure on the tires can cause a tire blowout.

2) High temperatures. This can be an especial problem in Coral Gables and in other parts of South Florida. When temperatures are high, roadways get hot and prolonged exposure to heat can gradually cause the rubber in tires to break down, making blowouts more likely.

3) Cargo problems. Carrying more than the allotted amount or weight of cargo places undue pressure on the tires and can cause a blowout. Truck carriers have limits as to how much cargo they are allowed to carry. When a company ignores these rules and overloads a truck, they can be held liable if the truck’s cargo causes a Coral Gables traffic accident.

4) Incorrect tire inflation. Tires that are overinflated or underinflated can make it harder for a truck driver to control the vehicle. Incorrect inflation also means that the tires do not function correctly and this can lead to a tire blowout. Overinflated tires are dangerous because the amount of tire surface on the road is less, meaning that truck does not grip the road correctly. Underinflated tires increase friction when the truck is in motion, generating more heat, which is very dangerous and can easily cause a tire blowout. Both overinflated tires and underinflated tires increase the wear and tear on the tire and can mean that the tire will wear out sooner than expected. Truck carriers are responsible for ensuring correct maintenance on truck tires, but truck drivers are also responsible for ensuring that truck tires remain correctly inflated on the road.

5) Tire defects. Manufacturers are responsible for creating safe tires for trucks and cars. Over the years, a number of tires have been recalled for design or manufacturing flaws that can cause accidents.

6) Old tires. Tires break down over time, even if they are stored rather than used. It is important for tires to be replaced periodically to ensure that the tires are not worn down. In addition, truck carriers need to make sure that the tires placed on trucks are new and in good working condition. Both truck carriers and truck drivers are responsible for checking the dates and the wear and tear on tires to ensure that tires are replaced in a timely fashion.
When a tire blowout occurs on the road and causes you to be injured in a Coral Gables truck accident, it is important to consult with a qualified Coral Gables personal injury attorney. The costs of your injuries may be substantial and an experienced attorney can aggressively pursue multiple liable parties to get you the compensation you deserve.

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