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Summer Traffic and Miami Truck Accidents

As we recently discussed on this blog, summer traffic can mean some unique hazards that can lead to Miami truck accidents. To avoid Miami traffic accidents this summer, make sure that you:

1) Give trucks and other large vehicles more room. Delivery trucks, RVs, tourist buses, and other large vehicles take longer to stop than passenger vehicles. They also have more blind spots than the average vehicle and may stop unexpectedly. Give buses, trucks, and RVs more room and be aware that these vehicles may stop suddenly. A good rule of thumb is to stay well back enough to see the driver’s side view mirrors. If you cannot see the mirrors, the driver likely cannot see you.

2) Drive distraction free. Distracted driving is dangerous at any time, but during the summer, when there is more traffic and more pedestrians on the roads it can easily lead to a Miami pedestrian accident or car accident. Put mobile devices and any other distractions away and only drive when you can put your full focus on the road.

3) Drive sober. Miami drunk driving accidents can be an especial problem in the summer, when the hot weather can make cool beers especially attractive. The many special events and barbeques serving alcohol can also make it easy for drivers to make the wrong decisions. However, alcohol can be especially dangerous in the summer, when the heat can make the effects of alcohol even more acute. It is therefore a good idea to avoid all alcohol before driving and to use taxis or public transportation to get home if you have been drinking.

4) Keep your car in good shape. Summer can be harsh on a vehicle. The heat can cause a car to overheat and can also cause additional wear and tear on tires. Taking your car to a reputable mechanic is a good precaution, and can help you ensure that your car is in good enough condition to be safe on the roads. A car that responds as you expect it to can help you avoid an accident.

5) Drive relaxed and well-rested. Driving when you are tired or stressed out can be dangerous and can lead to a Miami car accident, since you may make the wrong decisions and respond slowly in these conditions. Driving tired is especially dangerous in the summer, since the heat can make you feel even sleepier and can make it harder for you to focus on the road. Driving when you are upset can also be a problem in the summer, when higher traffic volume and more obstacles require more of your patience.

6) Stock your car well. Keep a first aid kit, sunglasses, water, and a blanket in your car. Driving in the summer can be uncomfortable, due to the heat and the glare of the sun. Keeping sunglasses on hand, as well as other supplies, can make trips easier.

If you have been injured in a Miami car accident, contact the Flaxman Law Group to arrange for a free, no obligation consultation to discuss your case. Your case may be worth more than you think and your injuries may be more expensive than you realize, so get legal advice before you make any final decisions in your case.