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DUI Truck Accidents

Drunk driving accidents in Hollywood are unfortunately still all too common. It is especially upsetting for families who have lost a loved one to a drunk driving accident to find out that a drunk driver has a history of driving under the influence and continued to drive. These types of accidents are also devastating because they are completely preventable: all drivers have other options but some chose to drive inebriated anyway, risking their lives due to recklessness.


When drunk driving accidents are Hollywood truck accidents, it can be even more upsetting. Truck drivers, after all, are held to a higher standard than passenger car drivers because they are professionals. Professional commercial drivers are expected to pass stricter driving test and get additional training when compared with passenger car drivers. There also subject to drug and alcohol tests and are subject to strict penalties if they drive drunk or distracted. When commercial truck drivers choose to drive drunk, they are violating not only the rules of the road but they are also violating the rules under which they were employed.

DUI truck accidents are more likely than most drunk driving accidents to lead to fatalities and serious injuries. The large size of a commercial truck creates enough force to cause a multiple-car collision. Out-of-control trucks can easily crush a smaller vehicle, which is one reason why truck drivers have so many restrictions and rules governing their jobs. For someone who is a pedestrian or is riding a motorcycle or bicycle, there are few layers of protection and a truck accident is likely to lead to fatalities or serious, permanent injuries.

Despite the risks, truck and car accidents in Hollywood do sometimes occur due to a truck driver who is driving under the influence. Truck drivers may drive not only drunk, but they may also take illegal or over-the-counter or prescribed medication in order to stay awake or in order to drive more hours than is legally allowed. In these cases, drivers may fall asleep at the wheel or may lose control of their vehicle, leading to a serious accident.

In cases where a DUI truck accident has occurred, there are usually multiple liable parties. The truck driver is often held liable, but the motor carrier can also be held liable if they did not screen driver carefully or did not notice that a truck driver had a problem. If you have been injured in a traffic accident in Hollywood, pursuing multiple liable parties can improve your chances of getting fair compensation for your injuries.

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