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Rollover Trucking Accidents in Miami and Other Cities: The Risks

Trucking accidents occur in Miami all the time, and one of the most devastating of these types of collisions in the rollover. Semis and big rigs are already vulnerable to rollover accidents due to their high center of gravity, but when truck drivers or motor carriers are negligent, they can create an even higher risk of these types of traffic crashes in Miami and other communities.


There are many causes that can contribute to rollover accidents:

1) Cargo issues. Incorrectly secured cargo, overweight trucks in Miami or another community, liquid cargo, and other problems can all increase the chances of a rollover. Liquids, for example, can slosh around as a truck drives, leaving the driver with potentially less control of a vehicle and increasing the risk of a rollover. Incorrectly secured cargo can shift and can change the center of balance of a truck, leading to a crash. A heavy truck can also be more top-heavy and prone to tipping, especially on turns.

2) Speeding. When trucks are going too fast, it is all too easy for a truck driver to lose control of the vehicle and end up tipping the vehicle.

3) Poor truck maintenance. Anything that affects a truck can lead to a rollover, but under-inflated brakes, bad suspension, or bad brakes are especially likely to be culprits. Truck drivers are expected to complete a pre-trip inspection to check for these issues and motor carriers are expected to ensure that their fleets are maintained.

4) Bad road conditions. Since they are top-heavy, commercial trucks such as 18-wheelers can be especially vulnerable to unevenness in the roads. Uneven roads, steep hills, and deep potholes can all contribute to tipover and rollover accidents. In addition, sharp curves, especially on high-speed roadways, can be a problem for trucks. Truck drivers carrying heavy cargo can easily lose control on hairpin turns and sustain serious injury. For this reason, poorly designed highway exit ramps can also be an issue.

5) Driver undertraining. Truck drivers need more training than the average motorist. They need to be able to use air brakes correctly and inspect a truck properly. They also need to understand the dangers of rollover accidents and how to prevent them. When drivers do not have enough experience and training, they may not be able to prevent certain crashes, including underride collisions in Miami, freeway crashes, and other accidents.

No matter what they are caused by, rollover accidents involving commercial trucks can easily turn deadly. These collisions can be single-vehicle accidents or chain reaction crashes that cause fatalities.

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