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Fatigued Drivers Causing As Many As One in Five Fatal Collisions

Fatigued driving is a known contributor to trucking collisions in Homestead, Miami, and other cities across the country. Many government studies and independent research studies have shown the huge impact that fatigue driving can have on response times and on driving safety. Truck drivers are especially vulnerable to fatigued driving because they work long hours and often need to make strict deadlines, which can mean that sleep falls by the wayside. It’s why federal rules require truck drivers to get adequate rest every day and every week.


While safety advocates and Congress have looked at fatigued driving in big rigs and tractor trailers, it is important to keep in mind that tired truck drivers are not the only culprits. Passenger car drivers also drive fatigued and there are no rules requiring them to get adequate rest. According to a number of studies, fatigued car drivers, too, are contributing to trucking crashes.

New AAA Study Examined Fatigued Driving

In fact, a recent AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety study found that over 21% of all fatal car accidents across the country involve fatigued driving. The study also found that drowsy driving – and its role in serious accidents – tends to be underreported, so the problem is actually more significant than many people realize. According to the AAA, about 6,400 fatalities each year are caused by fatigued car drivers.

The AAA study concluded that 37% of drivers admit to having fallen asleep at the wheel at least once, and about 11% of drivers have done so in the past twelve months. Researchers found that men are about twice as likely to be in a collision involving drowsy driving when compared with women.

Problems with Cracking Down on Drowsy Driving

Although fatigued driving in Homestead and other communities is obviously a problem, tackling the issue is difficult. According to the AAA, many people who do drive whole fatigued and cause an accident may not realize the role fatigued driving played a role in their accident or may not be willing to admit their fatigue to investigators, meaning that fatigued driving remains underreported. In addition, passenger car drivers are simply no subject to the same strict rules as truck drivers, so it becomes harder to keep fatigued drivers off the road. Enforcing laws involving fatigued driving would also be extremely difficult. In addition, despite more education about fatigued driving, many motorists overestimate their driving ability or underestimate the dangers of driving tired. As a result, drivers sometimes get behind the wheel when they are too tired to drive.

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