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Weather, Technology, and People All Affect Trucking Industry Safety

Trucking collisions in Hollywood and other Florida cities occur for a number of reasons, including driver error and road design. However, three things affect the trucking industry as a whole more than other factors, according to experts. These three issues are people, technology, and weather.



Technology is changing the trucking industry in a number of ways:

1) By making trucking more transparent. Electronic logs, in-cab cameras, and other devices do not rely on driver self-reporting. Instead, they make it easier for truck carriers and even authorities to see what is happening during truck transportation.

2) By automating some actions and reducing the risk of driver error. Self-driving trucks or trucks with automatic components that allow for emergency brakes to engage in the event of an imminent collision are exciting because they promise to take driver error out of the equation.

3) By making enforcement easier. Smart roads and portable weigh stations allow authorities to track overweight trucks and speeding trucks without having to get trucks to stop into weigh stations. Smart weigh stations use sensors to flag trucks that are speeding or overweight, diverting only those trucks to weigh stations.


Changing weather patterns are also changing the trucking industry in a few ways. Meteorological experts say that more severe weather has become the norm in recent years. The truck industry corroborates this, reporting more claims stemming from bad weather. If the trend continues, it may mean that the industry will need to invest in ways to mitigate damages caused by strong winds and extreme storms.


People are affecting the industry as well, by:

1) Advocating more at the grassroots level. Some individuals who have lost loved ones in trucking collisions and car crashes in Hollywood and other cities have organized advocacy groups. Using social media and other mediums, these groups have been advocating for changes in the industry and have been educating the public about issues related to truck crashes.

2) By creating labor shortages that affect the entire industry. Labor shortages in the trucking industry have the potential to create some short-term and long-term challenges. Some truck carriers, for example, may choose to place additional pressure on current drivers to meet demand or may choose to hire less qualified drivers. In the long term, shortages could mean that truck carriers will need to start offering more enticing wages or better working conditions to attract workers, and this has the potential to create safer roads.

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