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Don’t Let Stress Cause Injury

Few times of the year are as stressful as the final two months of the year. At this time of year, you may have family obligations as well as holiday events, a busy work schedule, and traveling to take care of. All of this can lead to stress, which can easily lead to injury. When you feel stressed, you may have a harder time focusing and this can lead to car accidents, workplace injuries, and other injuries in Hollywood or your community.


To help you deal with stress and to reduce your risk of injury, be sure to follow these holiday tips:

1) Reduce what you have to do.

Make a list of everything you need to accomplish during the holidays, including events, decorating, cooking, work tasks, shopping, and all other tasks. Go through the list and cross off the items you really don’t need to do. For example, you may visit family during the holidays, but maybe you can take a plane or train to reduce the time spent driving. Delegate as many of your tasks as possible. Your family may be able to help with shopping or sending cards, for example, so that you don’t have to take on too much.

2) Put safety first.

Whether you are holiday shopping, taking care of last-minute projects at the office, or attending holiday events, think safety. Make sure that you take the basic, common sense steps you need to take to stay safe. If you are shopping, for example, that may mean avoiding heavy crowds or parking in a well-lit areas. If you are attending an outdoor event, it may mean wearing sturdy shoes to prevent falls.

3) Get plenty of rest.

Fatigue can make you more vulnerable to car accidents and injuries in general. When you are tired, you are more likely to make mistakes and this can cause workplace accidents as well as injuries in the home. Reducing what you need to do can help you get more rest. You can also refuse to sleep less than eight hours a day to ensure that you stay well-rested.

4) Drink responsibly.

Drunk driving in Hollywood and Florida is a major cause of injury and fatalities and unfortunately DUI accidents are especially an issue during the holiday season. Excessive drinking does not just lead to car accidents, however. It can also lead to house fires, falls, and other types of accidents and injuries since drinking can affect mobility and judgment. Even if you are not driving, drink responsibly to avoid injury.

5) Take care of your health.

It is unfortunate that this busy time of year coincides with flu season. Getting ill can wreak havoc with an already-hectic schedule and can make it even harder for you to focus. Take good care of your health to avoid getting ill. If you do get ill, stay home and focus on getting better. Heading out when you have the flu will only spread the flu. Trying to drive or work when you are ill or feverish can also lead to mistakes and accidents.

As part of the Hollywood community, the law group of Flaxman Law Group would like everyone in our region to have a safe and pleasant holiday. If you are injured during the holidays and need legal representation or advice, however, you can still reach our team through our website or through our phones at 1-866-FLAXMAN (1-866-352-9626).