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Delivery Truck Safety During The Holidays

At this time of year, there may be more truck traffic at your home. You may be getting home décor items delivered, getting new furniture for entertaining, or getting someone to help with outdoor decorations. Many delivery drivers are busier than ever at this time of year and many service trucks are also on the road for longer hours as more of us get ready for the season.


Increased delivery truck traffic is not all bad; it can actually be safer for you. Getting someone to hang your holiday lights for you, for example, can help you avoid the risk of a serious fall injury. Having a store deliver large items (such as furniture) is also much safer than trying to squeeze large items in your car until your visibility is compromised.

Delivery trucks aren’t without their hazards, however. These larger vehicles have more blind spots than passenger cars and your driveway or street may not have adequate space for a driver to turn around or maneuver safely. Trucks are generally safer on the highway than on narrow residential streets, which are designed for smaller vehicles.

If you are expecting a truck for deliveries at your house, however, there are a few things you can do to keep things safer:

1) Think about where a delivery driver can park.

Consider where you can direct a driver to park and where they can get access to your property. Consider hazards such as low-hanging trees, visibility obstacles, and curbs. Where will visibility be best as the truck is backing out? Where is there enough clearance for a larger vehicle?

2) Keep your property safe.

If a delivery is being made later in the day, keep your property lit. Ensure that there are no overhanging trees blocking visibility of the street and no debris on the driveway or in the street to cause a danger to the driver. Any potholes or other hazards should be fixed or clearly marked. Keep in mind that if a lawful visitor to your home is injured because you haven’t taken good care of your property, you may find yourself facing a stressful and expensive legal claim. Make sure your property is reasonably safe for all visitors.

3) Keep children and pets out of the way.

When you are expecting a delivery, keep children and pets inside. Outdoors, they may get too curious and explore. Back over accidents happen in Hollywood when pets and animals are allowed to play near trucks and larger cars.

4) Stay safe when a delivery is being made.

Keep out of the way of delivery personnel, especially when they are carrying heavy objects. Keep the door to your home open (as long as pets and animals are in another part of the house) so you are visible from the street. Keep the delivery process short and ensure delivery personnel leave promptly. If you live alone, consider having someone else present during a delivery. You are essentially letting strangers into your home and on your property; use common sense when it comes to personal safety.

If you are injured by a delivery made to your home or if you are a delivery professional injured by an unsafe premises, contact a personal injury attorney in Hollywood or your community. No one deserves to suffer an injury from a delivery. Contact Flaxman Law Group to speak to an attorney and to get a free case analysis of your potential claim.