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Truck Accidents and Blind Spots: The Facts

All cars – including yours – have blind spots, but the blind spots on large commercial big rigs and tractor trailers are much larger because of the size of those vehicles. On an 18-wheeler or other larger truck, blind spots happen to be alongside the truck and behind the truck. If your car is in these areas, the trucker may not see you and you may be at risk for an accident.


Blind spots can lead to accidents in two major ways:

  1. A truck driver may change lanes or back up, crashing into your car because the driver can’t see you
  2. A truck may be obscuring dangers on the road up ahead (such as debris) and once the truck passes them you may not have enough room to react

There are a few ways you can avoid blind-spot-related truck accidents in Hollywood or your area:

  • Do not drive along the sides of the truck. Either fall back or move up until you can make eye contact with the truck driver in your mirrors.
  • Understand blind spots are smaller on the left, so pass on the left if you can.
  • Do not tailgate trucks. Stay well back from a truck, so the driver can see you and so the truck won’t obscure your visibility of the road. You should be able to see the truck’s side mirrors. If you can, you probably are far back enough, but leave additional space in bad weather. Another reason you don’t want to tailgate a truck: if you’re on a highway and a tractor trailer blows a tire, has to make a sudden stop, or experiences another problem, you want to be well back of the potentially 80,000 pound vehicle in your way.
  • Do not take up a truck’s buffer space. Even in heavy traffic, truck drivers will leave some room in front of them. This is because they need the extra time to stop. Don’t be tempted to slip into this spot. Yes, technically the driver can see you because you’re not in a blind spot, but it’s still a dangerous idea.
  • Don’t drive distracted, fatigued, or drunk. You’re more likely to make mistakes or drift into a truck’s blind spot if you’re not paying attention.
  • Give truck drivers plenty of space when they turn. Right-hand blind spots are especially deadly on turns, since trucks may need to swing left before turning right. You don’t want to get caught between the truck and the curb in a squeeze play accident. Never try to slip by a turning truck. Stay well back (far enough back that the driver can see you in their mirrors). If a driver has to back up or make unusual maneuvers to make a turn, you want to make sure the driver can see you.

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