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Speeding Teens Could be In Danger of Truck Accidents

About 30% of all fatal accidents involving teen drivers in 2014 involved speeding. Speeding is a serious problem for teen drivers and their parents.  Speed-related crashes can result in serious injuries and even fatalities and preventing these collisions can be tricky.


Teens may speed from peer pressure or out of curiosity. They may associate speeding with their favorite movies or stars. No matter why it happens, it can be deadly. On highways, especially, teens are sharing the road with trucks and truck drivers cannot stop in the time to avoid a collision when other drivers are speeding. In a truck collision involving speeding, your teen’s life is danger, because the impact of the crash is likely to cause fatal injuries.

What Parents Can Do to Prevent Speed-Related Hollywood Car Crashes

If you have a teen driver, there are several things you can do:

  • Monitor your teens. You may not even know whether your teen is at risk of a speed-related crash in Hollywood or your community. After all, young drivers are not likely to speed around their parents. Keep an eye out for clues your teen is speeding, including unusual wear and tear on their car.
  • Address the issue early. Studies show teens are more likely to speed more with time, since they may gain confidence. Any warning signs that your teen is speeding should be taken seriously. Even one speeding ticket can be an indication of a bigger problem, so do not ignore it.
  • Give teens a safe outlet. Letting your teens take racing classes lets them build their driving skills and lets them experience high speeds in a safe environment. Find a professional racing instructor who can really stress and show the danger of high speeds. Your teens may be more likely to listen to this expert about the dangers of high speeds, so the message will stick.
  • Be a role model. If you and other role models in your teens’ lives drive within the speed limit, your teens are more likely to obey the rules, too.
  • Get your teen started on the family car. Getting your teen their own car, especially if it’s a sports car, may make speeding more likely. Having your teen drive the family car may make them more careful with the vehicle and may give you a chance to notice any signs of speeding if you share the car.

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