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Getting a Broken Arm in a Truck Accident

In traffic and truck accidents in Hollywood and across South Florida, fractures are a common injury. Fractures can occur if a passenger hits against a solid surface, such as a side door. They can also happen if an occupant is thrown from the vehicle or shaken vigorously enough to result in a broken arm.


In truck accidents, broken arms are a common injury in situations where a passenger throws their hands in front of their face in a protective gesture, meaning the arm takes the brunt of impact. Broken arms can also occur if the driver gets their arms caught in the wheel during an accident. As with most truck accident injuries, injuries are most common for passenger car occupants, because they are less protected than passengers in commercial trucks.

The Pain of Fractured Arms

Broken arm can be debilitating. They can prevent a person from typing, writing, handling electronic devices and essentially performing  many tasks needed for daily activities and most jobs. It is not unusual for someone who has suffered a fracture arm to be unable to return to work until they are fully healed.

In addition, the costs of a broken arm can be quite high. The costs of an emergency room visit, x-rays, and treatment can up to thousands of dollars. A patient may need rehabilitation and multiple doctor’s visits. Complications can occur, which can add substantially to the expenses. A patient will need a cast and may also need to hire help because they may not be able to drive or perform other basic tasks with a broken hand or arm.

Broken arms are very painful. As the bone knits together, deep aches and itchiness are common. Many patients report the broken arm keeps them from sleeping, inhibits mobility, and can leave them feeling upset or even depressed. This injury can affect quality of life for weeks or months as it heals. Even once an arm has officially healed, it can continue to ache and even cause mobility problems for some time.

What to Do if You Have Suffered a Broken Arm in a Hollywood Trucking Accident

If you have suffered a broken arm, contact Flaxman Law Group at 1-866-352-9626 (1-866-FLAXMAN) to arrange a free consultation with Hollywood trucking accident attorney. Our legal team supports injured individuals across South Florida and we can review the specifics of your potential case so you understand your legal options.