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Broken Legs in Nursing Homes: What to Do When a Family Member is Injured

Seniors living in Hollywood nursing homes sometimes have underlying conditions such osteoporosis, autoimmune disorders, and other complications which can make them more susceptible to certain types of injuries or illnesses. For example, patients with osteoporosis or low bone density may experience fractures more frequently. Unfortunately, some nursing homes will insist that any and all fractures are caused by osteoporosis or by reduced bone density when in fact any signs of bone breaks, such as a broken leg, should be seriously considered and investigated thoroughly.


Broken legs in nursing homes can occur for a number of reasons, including fall accidents, physical abuse, poor supervision and other situations which may result in a legal claim. If a broken leg has occurred, you will want to investigate and ask questions to get to the bottom of the situation. You will also want to ensure that the nursing home took appropriate action to help your elderly loved one get the medical attention they need.

Unfortunately, broken leg bones can cause severe disability and loss of quality of life in the elderly. This type of injury can affect mobility and can lead to bedsores and other complications if a patient cannot get around as easily. Broken bones can also cause depression, severe pain, and other problems, especially for someone who already has underlying conditions or is a vulnerable adult.

An elderly person may take longer to heal after a broken leg bone and if they cannot get around while they heal, it can affect virtually every aspect of their life. You will want to ensure that your elderly loved one gets the support they need as they recover from a broken leg. You will also want to ensure that whether it’s a complex break or a hairline fracture, it received prompt and immediate medical attention. Follow up to ensure your loved one gets support and treatment throughout the healing process.

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