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Daylight Savings Time Could Affect Your Risk of Car and Truck Accidents

Some experts believe that changing our clocks one hour during the spring and fall is linked to an increase in traffic accidents. In the future, Florida is considering becoming the first state to adopt daylight saving time all year long. This would mean later sunsets and sunrises in the winter months, when most tourists visit. It may also mean fewer people adjusting to a new schedule twice a year.

Even if the resolution passes, we might not see changes on our clocks until 2019 or even later. Until then, there are a few ways to keep yourself safe on the streets and reduce your risk of a trucking accident in Hollywood or your community:

  • Obey the speed limit. Driving above the speed limit increases your risk of an accident and makes any collision you are in far more likely to be fatal. Slow down and make sure you obey posted speed limits. If there is bad weather, poor visibility, or heavy traffic, slow down further.
  • Put away distractions. Any distractions, whether they include loud music or phones, take your eyes off the road and your mind off of driving. Even a few seconds you spend looking away from the road or thinking about something other than your next maneuver could be enough to cause a collision. Drive with your full focus on the road and drive defensively, thinking a few moves ahead to ensure your mind does not wander.
  • Drive sober. Any substances which affect your ability to drive, your response time, or your sleepiness are dangerous when you drive. Whether those substances are controlled narcotics, over-the-counter medications, or even prescription medications given to you by a doctor, it doesn’t matter. Always read the labels of prescriptions you get at the pharmacy and over-the-counter medication you take. If your medication may make you drowsy or could affect your ability to drive safe, speak to our doctor or pharmacist about how to stay safe.
  • Stay off the roads if you feel sleepy. Treat drowsy driving as seriously as you treat drunk driving. If you are fatigued, you are not safe to drive.
  • Use extra caution. Be aware that truck drivers, car drivers and everyone else in the road is adjusting to a new schedule. Be especially careful during the early morning and late at night, when drowsiness is at its peak. When driving around the trucks, keep in mind that truck drivers work long hours and may be especially affected by sleeping in our last.

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