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Brain Injury Can Impact a Lifetime

Sustaining a brain injury can be a devastating experience, whether your injury is the result of a car accident, workplace accident or other situation in Hollywood or South Florida. Researchers have been learning more about brain injuries and over the past several years it is becoming apparent that brain trauma has more far-reaching outcomes than was previously realized.


New research from the Peter O’Donnell Jr. Brain Institute at UT Southwestern, for example, has suggested traumatic brain injuries can increase the risk of early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers have found a possible correlation between brain injury and early Alzheimer’s by conducting autopsies on patients. According to the more than 2,100 autopsies conducted, those patients who suffered traumatic brain injuries severe enough to lose consciousness for more than five minutes tended to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s about two and a half years earlier when compared with non-injured counterparts.

This research joins other studies which have linked brain injuries sports players have sustained earlier in life with long-term cognitive, mental and health consequences. It is becoming clearer that traumatic brain injury can impact an entire lifetime.

Traumatic brain injury sustained earlier in life also has many established long-term and life-long consequences, including:

  • Financial consequences. The costs of brain surgery and necessary treatment for a traumatic brain injury can add up quickly. For someone with a severe traumatic brain, around-the-clock care may be needed for a lifetime and the injury can impact one’s ability to work. A severe injury can impact financial well-being for a lifetime.
  • Relationship and personal life outcomes. Severe brain injury can result in trauma, depression, personality changes and other challenges which can make it challenging for patients to sustain relationships, jobs, and their regular lives. In some cases, patients can get counseling and treatment but in some cases personality changes or cognitive changes are permanent. In addition, some relationships and regular activities do not survive the challenges of a serious brain injury.
  • Increased risk for further injury. A patient who has sustained a brain injury may be more prone to falls if they have severe symptoms. A second brain injury, even a milder one, can also have devastating and even fatal consequences. Traumatic brain injury can make a person more vulnerable later in life.

For all these reasons, it is important to speak to a Hollywood brain injury attorney if you have been injured. A TBI can impact your life for years to come and it is important to get fair compensation now so you can get the support you need, when you need it. Contact Flaxman Law Group today if you have been injured to get a free consultation with a brain injury attorney in Hollywood or your South Florida community.