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Spring Break Safety Tips

Spring break for colleges is a time for students to relax and recuperate from studying. Many travel companies have special sales for students and many travelers take advantage of these deals to travel during the weeks of break.


South Florida is a very popular destination for travelers during spring break because of its beaches and warm, sunny weather. Travelers who come from wintry climates, especially, tend to head here for a holiday during the early spring. While spring break celebrators bring money into the local Hollywood economy, the greater number of people and drivers can pose a few challenges.

Here are a few tips to keep you safer this spring break:

  • Supervise children more. With more strangers in the area and more drivers on the road, make sure you keep an eye on kids. If your children have their own school break, especially, look for safe and supervised activities or get additional help to ensure proper supervision. If you have children in college, this may be a good time to call them and to talk to them about safety ideas for their spring break.
  • Be aware of alcohol-related risks. Spring break can mean events where alcohol is served. If you are enjoying spring break in Florida, make sure you have plans to get home safely. Research ahead of time so you are familiar with local transit and can companies and know how to get back to your accommodations safely. Have a back-up plan and know who to call for help if you need it.
  • Practice safe swimming and boating. Spring break is a great time to head out on the water, but make sure you do so safely. Never mix alcohol and water activities and never go swimming or boating alone in unsupervised areas. Check water conditions before you go and swim within your skill level. If you are going boating or heading out on boat tours, check the tour operator or the boat for safety compliance and make sure to wear a safety vest.
  • Secure your home. If you are taking advantage of spring break deals to travel, make sure your home is secure. Use a timer to set your lights and update your security system. Discontinue or delay mail delivery and have a friend or family member check on the house for you. Update your insurance before you go so you are covered in case anything goes wrong.
  • Be aware of your surroundings. If you are in Florida on spring break, stay safe by sticking with a group you trust and staying alert to what is happening around you. Staying sober and alert makes you less of a target for crime.
  • Protect yourself from heat-related conditions. The Florida sun may attract spring breakers, but it can also cause severe burns and injuries. Make sure you wear a hat, sunglasses, and a hat to protect yourself whenever you will be spending time outdoors. Stay hydrated and seek shade and cooler spaces inside your hotel room or accommodations if you start to feel unwell. Seek medical help if you develop blisters, severe sun burn, heat stroke or any potentially serious heat-related ailment. Hollywood and South Florida have many walk-in clinics where you can get evaluated.

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