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Many states have anti-eviction legislation to protect tenants from unlawful evictions. Florida does not have an anti-eviction act specifically, but it does have laws designed to protect those who rent their home. The challenge is that many landlords and tenants are not aware of these laws.


What Law Protect Florida Tenants in Landlord/Tenant Disputes?

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Islamorada, Florida is known as the “village of Islands,” because it is located on five island. While this Monroe County community is usually very beautiful and also safe, injuries can and do occur to visitors and residents each year.


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If you live in North Miami, you may take advantage of all the waterways in the area by going boating. No matter what kind of boat you have, however, negligence on the part of other boaters can result in collisions and incidents which can cause you serious injury. If this happens to you, contact a North Miami boating attorney at Flaxman Law Group for a free consultation.


Types of North Miami Boat Accidents

Boating in North Miami can be exhilarating and scenic, but it’s important to stay safe and to treat boating seriously. Boating accidents in the area occur for many reasons:

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Election day is just around the corner, and no matter what your affiliation and your political stance, safety is important to consider. Personal injuries can and do occur on election day. People are breaking from their usual routine, emotions are running high, people may be traveling to unfamiliar locations in Hollywood or their communities to vote. All these factors can contribute to trip and fall accidents, slip and fall accidents, car crashes and more.


No matter how we vote, have a safe election day with these tips:

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If you have an elderly parent who has mobility problems, is having trouble caring for themselves, or is suffering from a chronic condition, you may need additional care. This situation is difficult for entire families and while nursing homes are one option, they are not the only option.


In some cases, an elderly loved one simply does not want to go to a nursing home. In other cases, a nursing home may not be required since a family member can provide care some of the time and only occasional nursing care or caregiving is needed. Many families are also concerned about the level of care in nursing homes or about he high costs involved.

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Prom should be a fun and carefree time that builds a lifetime of memories. Unfortunately, prom related accidents can and do happen. Serious injuries at formal dances can include Homestead limo accidents, slip and fall accidents, and even assault.


To help ensure your child does not suffer from these, be sure to follow these tips as you look for tuxedos, prom dresses, and limo rentals:

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Drownings and near drownings are a danger for children in Homestead and other South Florida communities. Because of the year-round sunny weather, swimming pools are a popular source of fun. Many homes and virtually all communities have them. In addition, Southern Florida has many waterways and children often have access to lakes, rivers, ocean shores, and other water areas.


There are many ways you can keep your child safe around water:

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Some experts believe that changing our clocks one hour during the spring and fall is linked to an increase in traffic accidents. In the future, Florida is considering becoming the first state to adopt daylight saving time all year long. This would mean later sunsets and sunrises in the winter months, when most tourists visit. It may also mean fewer people adjusting to a new schedule twice a year.

Even if the resolution passes, we might not see changes on our clocks until 2019 or even later. Until then, there are a few ways to keep yourself safe on the streets and reduce your risk of a trucking accident in Hollywood or your community:

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We all believe some myths because they are repeated so often, but some misconceptions can really do harm. Some of the most common myths surrounding truck accidents in Hollywood and South Florida could put you at risk of a collision or a serious injury.


How many of these common misconceptions do you believe?:

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At this time of year, many people are focusing on romance and dating. There lots of ways to meet new people to date, and one of the most common ones involves online dating and blind dates. If you’re meeting someone new for the first time, there are several dating tips you will want to follow to ensure you have a fun and safe time:


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