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Landlord Liability and Safe Rental Tips in Hollywood and Florida

Landlords are responsible for the maintenance of an overall rental property and for common areas. They have a duty to tenants. They also are expected to make reasonable repairs to rental units. If you are renting a home or office space, you may wonder whether you have a claim against your landlord or property owner if you or someone on your property is injured.


If you have been injured in a common area or if your landlord has failed to fix something in your unit and this has caused an injury, you will want to consult with a Hollywood personal injury attorney to review your options. You may be able to file a claim to seek compensation for income loss, medical costs and other expenses.

What is My Landlord Responsible For?

Before you are rented your property, the landlord is expected to check that the rental unit is safe and in good repair. When you first move in, be sure to conduct your own review. If you notice uneven floors, broken windows, loose handrails, leaky faucets or toilets, malfunctioning appliances , or other issues, take photos of the problem and report the problems immediately to your landlord.

Your landlord is also responsible for ensuring the rental property meets all health codes and building codes. If you have a pest infestation, mold or other hazards in your leased property, report the problem. If you have been injured by these issues or the landlord is not repairing these problems, consult with a personal injury attorney in Hollywood for assistance.

The Florida Supreme Court has stated that landlords must keep properties in reasonable repair and must complete repairs within a reasonable amount of time. If you notice a hazard or issue with your apartment or commercial lease, report it to the landlord at once. Consider sending the notice via registered mail or email so there is a record of the repair request. Keep copies of any replies from your landlord and keep notes of any attempts at repairs. Take photos of the damage before, during, and after repairs. If the repairs are not completed or the issue is not solved in a reasonable time frame or if you are injured due to the maintenance issue, contact an attorney for legal advice.

Keep in mind that the landlord is responsible for any contractors they hire. If the landlord sends someone to fix a problem in the unit or for any repairs or upgrades and the job is done poorly and you suffer an injury, you may have a claim against the landlord.

A good rule of thumb about rental properties is to keep careful records about any potential maintenance or security issues, including photos. If you are injured on the premises, contact a Hollywood premises liability attorney for legal advice and representation.

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