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Preventing Workplace Violence in Homestead

In Homestead and across South Florida, workplace violence and injury is a serious concern. While workplaces can create work-safe policies, install more lighting, and add security systems, workplace violence requires a more proactive approach.


Violence on the job can occur due to disgruntled employees or upset workers. It can happen in any place of work and can occur with little warning. The reasons are complex and can involve a combination of individual employee struggles as well as other factors. Preventing often centers around educating workplaces to spot warning signs so those at risk can get help. Some ideas for preventing violence at your office or workplace include:

  • Create a healthy workplace: A healthy workplace is one with reasonable expectations and a sense of camaraderie. Work to create a healthy, communicative, and inspired workplace. Encourage employees to offer feedback and listen to all feedback with an open mind. Create management styles which do not make workers feel stressed or micromanaged.
  • Ensure workers have the support they need: Ask employees what they need to feel valued, successful, and happy in the workplace. Then work to provide some of those supports.
  • Offer the right benefits: A robust benefits package which includes health care benefits and mental health supports can help employees deal with the pressures of life and their work.
  • Target higher-risk situations: Employees are more likely to get upset when they are not given a promotion or when their employment is terminated. Take care to handle changes in the workplace with compassion and consider stepping up security to ensure everyone stays safe during traditional periods.
  • Educate workers: Include training to help workers identify warning signs of violence and offer training on what to do when violence does occur.
  • Install security measures: While security alone may not be enough, it is an important element. Ensure good lighting, security cameras, security personnel, and other precautions are in place.
  • Minimize access from the outside: Danger can also come from disgruntled customers or even strangers wandering in from outside. Use secure doors and barriers to limit what people from outside the workplace can access. This can also help protect you against premises liability claims.
  • Have a way for workers to call for help: Panic buttons are useful, especially for workers who deal with customers or who work in the field.
  • Use the buddy system: Employees should not have to walk to their car alone at night or to remote locations by themselves. Having adequate personnel in all areas reduces the risk.
  • Help workers feel safe: Employees should know they do not have to do anything which makes them feel unsafe. Ask for feedback from your workers about areas which feel unsafe and make changes to create a sense of security in the workplace.

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