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Have You Been Scammed by a Diet or Fitness Product?

Most of us want to be fit and to enjoy a healthy weight. There are many products on the market which promise to help us achieve these goals. While many of them have been carefully tested, some may be ineffective or even dangerous. Each year, people in Hollywood and across South Florida are seriously injured by fitness products, services and diet aids.


There many ways you can be injured by a fitness product or diet item:

  • Supplements or pills may cause serious complications and even fatalities, especially if they increase blood pressure or affect your heart
  • Fitness products such as exercise gadgets may have manufacturing defects which cause burns, fractures and other serious injury
  • Gyms and exercise services may not be created with safety in mind, potentially leading to falls and other serious injury
  • Supplements or diet pills may include unlisted items which can trigger allergic actions
  • Exercise and fitness products may be poorly designed and may cause fires, strangulation risks and other risks
  • Exercise and fitness products may not come with adequate warnings, leading to serious injury

Many devastating injuries have been caused by these types of items. Small children have been strangulated by cords on treadmills and fitness equipment. Dieters have been seriously injured due to complications and allergic reactions caused by diet pills or supplements.

When a dangerous dietary item is found, it is taken off the shelves. Recalls of exercise equipment also occur. However, sometimes these come too late to prevent serious injury or even death.

Keeping Yourself Safe When Trying to Get Fit

There are several ways you can avoid becoming a victim of an unsafe diet or fitness product:

  • Always check manufacturers carefully. If an item sounds too good to be true, it may be. Find out where the product is made and how long it has been used.
  • Ask your doctor for recommendations before using any diet or fitness aid, especially if you’d like to take a supplement or any special food, pill or power.
  • Be cautious about believing advertisements. Some claimed extensive clinical trials or promise specific results but the fine print may indicate that the results are atypical. Don’t be too trusting of what you read.
  • Check recall lists to make sure the product you are using has not been recalled. Also, check reviews to see how others have fared with the product.

If a dietary supplement or exercise machine failed to give you the results you want, it can be unpleasant. However, if an unsafe product has caused injuries or has harmed your Hollywood or South Florida home, you may have a products liability claim.

If you have been injured, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free consultation. Our Hollywood products liability attorneys can help you understand what your options are and can tell you whether you may have a claim.