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Most of us want to be fit and to enjoy a healthy weight. There are many products on the market which promise to help us achieve these goals. While many of them have been carefully tested, some may be ineffective or even dangerous. Each year, people in Hollywood and across South Florida are seriously injured by fitness products, services and diet aids.


There many ways you can be injured by a fitness product or diet item:

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This past holiday season, VR headsets were a popular gift choice. These gadgets sold well across the country and many Homestead and Florida homes now have a headset. VR headsets allow users to play virtual reality video games or to workout in a VR environment.

Unfortunately, VR can also lead to injury. So far, minor injuries have been reported with the headsets, but the potential exists for more serious injury. If you are trying out VR, here are a few tips to stay safe:

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Each year, children are seriously injured or killed due to the cords used with window treatments. The cords used with shades, blinds, and other window treatments can easily become wrapped around a child’s neck, cutting off air and posing a strangulation risk. Even ties used with curtains and draperies can pose a significant risk.



Tying up existing cords may not be enough

Some parents try to simply tie up the cords and strings used with shades, blinds, and other window treatments. However, this may not be enough. Strings and cords may become untied and may fall, so simply looping out of the way may not be enough. Children may also become innovative when grabbing cords out of reach. A better option to keep your children safe is to:

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With the holidays coming up and shopping season in full swing, this is one of the busiest retail seasons of the year. No matter what holiday you celebrate, if you have a shopping list you want to give gifts which are thoughtful and safe.


Even though there are organizations dedicated to keeping customers safe, billions of products are available for sale both in stores and online. It is just not possible to thoroughly test every product. Manufacturers have a duty to ensure their products are designed and made safely. However, not all manufacturers are cautious when developing their brands and as a result people are seriously injured and even killed each year—in Hollywood and across the country—by unsafe and defective products. Here are some ideas to keep everyone on your gift list safe:

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As a consumer in Hollywood and southern Florida, you probably expect the products you buy at your favorite game stores have been tested to be safe. While a number of government agencies are tasked with ensuring consumer goods, appliances, and foods are safe for us to use, each year thousands of people are injured or killed across the country due to defective products.


If you are a customer and have been injured by an unsafe product, you may have a civil claim against the retailer, manufacturer, importer, and other liable parties involved in making and selling the product. If you have been injured, save the product you believe has caused you harm and contact a personal injury attorney in Hollywood or your Florida community. You can always contact Flaxman Law Group if you’d like a free case analysis of your situation.

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At this time of year, you may be buying new products for yourself, taking advantage of holiday sales. Or maybe you have been getting products – such as new appliances, household items, or gadgets – for holiday gifts.


Millions of Americans use new products every day with no incident. Unfortunately, some people are seriously injured or even killed by defective or falsely made products. Whether it is burn injuries caused by overheating appliances, facial injuries caused by exploding gadgets, electrocutions due to faulty power tools, or other injuries, there’s no excuse for manufacturers who do not take the time to properly test and develop their products.

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Now that December is here, many Florida residents are busy consulting their holiday gift lists. If you are taking care of holiday shopping and have a few children on your list, however, you have to look beyond just fun toys and think safety, too. In 2013 alone, there were more than 256,000 ER visits due to toy injuries, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.


If you want to embrace holiday gift-giving but want to keep the children on your gift list safe, here are a few safety tips from the experts:

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In late October, a Florida man suffered serious injury after an e-cigarette exploded, leaving him with serious internal and external burn injuries. He is still in a coma and still in serious condition following the incident, and the situation is causing some to ask questions about e-cigarettes.

What are E-cigarettes?

E-cigarettes or electronic cigarettes are vaporizers that work on batteries. Users can insert different flavors of liquids into the device and the e-cigarette turns the liquid into vapor. E-cigarettes have become intensely popular over the past few years. Some users say the devices help them quit smoking, since it’s possible to control the amount of tobacco being used in the devices or even to use tobacco-free liquids in e-cigarettes. Others simply like the sensation of using e-cigarettes, especially since they don’t produce smoke.


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Carbon monoxide is a deadly, odorless, and clear gas. Carbon monoxide poisoning claims lives in this country each year. Most often, poisoning occurs when people use fuel-burning appliances in the home – especially when those appliances are poorly maintained or defective. Carbon monoxide poisoning can also occur in homes with attached garages if proper precautions aren’t taken to keep car exhaust out. As our homes become more airtight and energy-efficient, experts say that carbon monoxide leaks can become more deadly, because there are fewer ways for the carbon monoxide escape.

Carbon monoxide poisoning often leads to feelings of drowsiness, fatigue, or disorientation. People may not be able to escape before they succumb. In many cases, they lose consciousness and if evacuation and medical attention don’t occur rapidly, fatalities are the result. Proper precautions as well as carbon monoxide detectors could help prevent many tragedies each year.


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Knee implants are often recommended by doctors to improve mobility and reduce pain. For patients with joint problems and knee problems, implants can be a long-term solution, since these medical devices are meant to last 15-20 years, but some patients are finding that knee implants are not lasting as long as promised. In some cases, the devices are causing serious complications for patients. In the past few years, a number of recalls have been issued for some types of knee plants and many patients have sought legal action after needing additional medical care or after suffering severe injury due to the devices.


Have you had surgery to get knee implants? You are not alone. Each year, over 1.1 million people across the country get hip and knee implants to improve the quality of their lives. Unfortunately, for some of these patients these implants will end up causing rather than solving problems. In some cases, the devices are defective in some way. Some manufacturers have issued recalls of their implants, while in other cases patients are injured by medical devices not yet recalled. In either case, if you have been injured by an unsafe medical device, you will want to think about your legal options and speak to an attorney about your situation.

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