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Time to Brush Up on Summer Safety Rules

Now that summer is here, it’s time to review some of the rules of summer safety. While summer is a great time of year to enjoy time with family and friends, celebrate summer holidays, and even enjoy a vacation or time away from work and school, it also brings its unique dangers.


Be sure to follow these tips to enjoy a safe and wonderful summer:

1) Never swim alone.

Summer can mean heading to the beach, pool, or your favorite waterways. If you’re going swimming, make sure you swim in designated swimming areas and avoid swimming alone. Swimming with others ensures that if you bump your head, encounter a crocodile, or otherwise get in trouble someone can help you. It is best to swim in an area where there are professional lifeguards who can help you in case of an incident.

2) Wear a life jacket when enjoying water sports.

If you’re heading out on the water in a kayak or both, make sure you wear life jacket. Even if you are a very strong swimmer, falling into the water can mean you bump your head or get disoriented. A life jacket can give you the extra boost to float to the top and can make you visible for rescuers. A life jacket can save your life.

3) Supervise playing children, especially near roads or water.

When children are home from school, careful supervision is necessary. Children can get bored and can start to explore, which can mean they easily get into trouble. Consider setting up a parents’ group to ensure that there are multiple adults supervising children at all times. Or, hire professionals or use child care services to ensure your children are being carefully supervised at all times.

4) Protect yourself from the sun.

Severe sunburns can increase the risk of cancer later in life. In addition, heat related illnesses such as dehydration or heatstroke can be life-threatening if left untreated. Always protect yourself from the sun by wearing sunglasses, sunblock, and a hat or by sitting in the shade. Do not overdo physical activities on hot days and be sure to drink plenty of water. Take a look at weather conditions every day that you are out, especially when you’re exercising. If you have pulmonary or heart conditions, keep in mind that certain whether can pose an increased risk you. Speak your doctor about ways to protect yourself during the summer.

5) Be careful when grilling or having an open fire.

Fires and burn injuries are a risk in Hollywood and across South Florida in the summer. When you have an open fire or are grilling, be sure to keep a bucket of water or fire extinguisher handy. Make sure any fire or grill is well away from dry grass, homes, and other flammable objects. Always supervise fires or grills and keep children well away. A few embers are all it takes to cause a severe fire and burns.

6) Use extra caution when driving.

Summer means lots of people on the road taking road trips, children home from school and being ferried about, teenagers home from school and driving round, and millions of tourists flooding the southern Florida area. In addition, street closures, road work, and special events can all cause gridlock and heavy traffic.

During summer months, reduce the risk of a car accident by staying alert and by checking road conditions before you travel. Avoid heavily congested areas and consider taking shuttles or alternate forms of transport when you expect heavy traffic and a high risk of car accidents.

If you have been injured during the summer months by someone’s negligence, keep in mind that Flaxman Law Group will keep offices in Homestead, Hollywood, and Miami open all summer long. You can reach a Hollywood personal injury attorney easily and our phones are staffed around the clock at any time of the day or night. We respond quickly and can help offer you advice as well as legal representation. We may even be able to offer over the phone assistance if you need immediate legal advice.

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