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What Athletes Are Most at Risk of Injury in Fort Lauderdale?

Sports injuries in Fort Lauderdale can not only bench you from your favorite activity, but they can also impact your ability to earn a living and care for yourself. Whether you’re a weekend warrior, profession athlete, or someone who likes to stay fit regularly, a sports injury can also result in significant medical bills.


Not all sports are alike when it comes to injury. Some come with significant more risk:

  • Basketball: According to some statistics, basketball sees the most injuries of all contact sports, with an estimated 1.6 million injuries occurring on basketball courts each year. The fast pace of the game can lead to sprains, factures, head injuries, facial injuries, and other serious injuries.
  • Football: Often ranked among the riskiest sports, football requires full contact, which can lead to fractures, head injuries, and other serious injuries.
  • Hockey: Skating fast on the ice, checking, and sharp sticks can lead to contusions, face injuries, head injuries, strains, sprains, groin injuries, and many other types of injuries.
  • Baseball and softball: Fast-flying balls and running can lead to falls, head injuries, facial injuries, fractures, contusions, and many other types of injury.
  • Cheerleading: Cheerleading is considered among the most dangerous sports since competitive cheer teams often attempt impressive maneuvers at heights and otherwise defy gravity. Ankle injuries, head trauma, fractures, and other injuries are common with cheer teams.

Some sports, on the other hand, come with less risk overall:

  • Swimming: While there is a risk of drowning and near-drowning in any body of water, swimming is considered one of the safer sports. It is gentle on joints and can be a good exercise when recovering from an injury. To keep it a safe activity, it is important to always swim with others and to ensure your swimming skills are strong.
  • Golf: Golf is another low-impact sport, but it does come with some risks. Falls, flying golf balls, and repetitive strain can all send golfers to the emergency room.
  • Walking: Walking is considered a very healthy, low-impact exercise. Wearing sturdy shoes and developing core fitness to avoid falls and other dangers helps make it a solid choice for fitness.

How Can I Reduce My Risk?

Whether you enjoy horseback riding, cricket, baseball, or any other fitness activity, start small and build your skills gradually. Work with qualified coaches or trainers who can help you build your skills so you can reduce the risk of injury. Wear proper gear during each game or practice, including any padding or helmets your sport requires.

Who Is Liable for My Sports Injury in Fort Lauderdale?

In some cases, sports injuries can lead to a legal claim. In Florida, if your injuries were caused by someone’s negligence, you may have a claim which lets you seek compensation, which can be important if you have lost wages or are facing medical bills because of your injury. If your coach failed to train you correctly, if your safety equipment failed, or if a doctor incorrectly cleared you for play after a head injury, for example, you may have a claim.

Of course, it is not always easy to tell whether you have a legal claim. For this reason, if you have been injured you may wish to contact Flaxman Law Group at 1-866-352-9626 (1-866-FLAXMAN) for a free accident consultation with a Fort Lauderdale sports injury claims attorney. Our team has already recovered over $100 million for clients, and we’d be pleased to review your potential case.

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