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Workplace Injury Risks May be Higher if Your Hollywood or Florida Job Involves Electrical Machinery or Equipment

Any job in Hollywood or Florida can result in workplace injury. However, if your job involves heavy machinery or electrical equipment, you may be at additional risk. In these cases, you should be getting additional training in order to stay safe.


Whether you work in construction, in a factory, or in another environment where electrical machinery or heavy equipment is in use, make sure that you know how to stay safe. In a safe workplace, you should:

1) Have training to work near or with electrical machinery or equipment.

Federal laws states that employees who work in these conditions should be trained on avoiding electrical and other hazards.

2) See that your employer has taken basic precautions to keep you safe.

Every piece of hazardous equipment should have guards and there should be clear on/off switches for heavy machinery to use in the event of an accident. If you notice unsafe working conditions, you have the right to refuse work or you may want to consult with the state agency responsible for your industry to report unsafe conditions. Many workers are reluctant to speak up because they fear losing their jobs, but Florida has laws in place to ensure that workers are not injured on the job and your job should be protected. Even if you are reprimanded for reporting unsafe conditions, being injured is much worse than having to brush up your resume and find a new place of work.

3) See signs around the workplace helping you to stay safer.

Are unsafe areas clearly marked? Are there instructions in place for any heavy machinery? There should be instructions and information that can help you stay safer on the job. Signs should be clear, easy to read, and updated as needed.

4) Use proper personal protection equipment on the job.

If your job requires steel toe boots, hardhats, goggles, or any other protective equipment, make sure that you use this equipment consistently and properly each time you work. This type of equipment can help you reduce your risk of injury. Periodically check the equipment to make sure that it is in good condition and replace as needed.

Your workplace should instruct you on the proper use of equipment and should make it easy to use the proper safety gear. Depending on your contract, you might be required to supply your own safety items or these pieces of equipment might be provided to you as part of your job.

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