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Preventing Truck-Pedestrian Accidents

Trucks have to share the road not only with other vehicles but also with pedestrians and bicyclists. It can be especially dangerous at intersections in cities, where there are multiple users of the road all heading in different directions. Unfortunately, pedestrian accidents involving trucks happen all too often in crosswalks and on intersections in Hollywood and other South Florida cities.


These types of pedestrian-truck accidents can be especially devastating. The size of the truck is simply no match for a pedestrian, and fatalities as well as permanent injury are all too common in these types of crashes. According to FDOT, everyone has a responsibility to prevent pedestrian accidents. Truck drivers, passenger car drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists all need to be aware that:

1) It is the law to yield to pedestrians, especially when pedestrians are in a crosswalk.

Truck drivers and passenger car drivers should yield to pedestrians who are crossing in a crosswalk. Pedestrians have the right of way.

2) Pedestrians need to check before crossing the street.

Although cars and trucks should yield to pedestrians who are crossing the street with a green light, unfortunately this does not always happen. Pedestrians do need to check to make sure that cars and trucks are stopping before proceeding. Make eye contact with drivers to make sure they can see you. Wait until they come to a complete stop before attempting to cross the street.

3) If you see what you feel is a dangerous intersection, contact FDOT.

FDOT can determine whether a traffic study would be helpful. You can also contact your elected representative if you have concerns about the safety of crosswalks or intersections in your area.

There are other ways you can fight back against negligent driving, too. If you see a truck driver or passenger car driver driving recklessly or dangerously, you can call police to report them before they cause an accident. If you see a commercial truck driver driving recklessly or dangerously, you can contact the truck carrier to report the issue. If you have been injured, you have the option of pursuing a legal claim to send a message that dangerous driving will always be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Sending this message repeatedly helps truck carriers and other parties change the way that they do business, which helps make everyone safer.

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