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Driving Hacks to Avoid Trucking Collisions

You’ve probably heard about slowing down and giving trucks more space. We’ve certainly recommended both on this blog, simply because these are some of the most best tips for avoiding crashes with big rigs and tractor trailers. However, there are some less-known tips and hacks to help you stay safe on Hollywood and South Florida roads:


1) When an emergency happens or there’s heavy traffic, check to see what truck drivers are doing.

They’re higher in their cab, so they can see what you might not. They’re also sharing information with other truck drivers and have more driving experience than you. If you’re in heavy traffic and you see truck drivers heading for a specific lane, for example, that’s probably the lane you want to be in.

2) Adjust your side mirrors so you can’t see your car in them.

If you can see your own vehicle in your side view mirrors, you’re leaving a bigger blind spot than you need to. When you’re checking your mirrors, you don’t need to see her car – you need to seek other cars. Keep adjusting your mirrors until you have the widest view possible, without the flank of your car visible. Don’t forget to adjust your mirrors before every trip.

3) Take the keys off your keychain.

It’s a little-known fact, but having your car keys attached to a heavy keychain can put extra pressure on the ignition system, leading to damage and even to a car breakdown, which puts you at risk of a rear-end collision. A heavy keychain pulls down on the ignition and can cause damage. Keep your car keys on a separate ring without any keychains, other keys, or anything heavy on the ring.

4) Put glass cleaner in your trunk and shaving foam on your windows.

You can enjoy greater visibility and stay visible yourself by cleaning your headlights regularly. Toss a small jar of glass cleaner and some paper towels in your trunk to remind you to wipe down lights often. You can also use glass cleaner on your windows to keep them clear so you can see what’s happening.

If your windows fog up regularly and you don’t have air-conditioning to clear them fast, apply shaving foam on the inside of your windows and then wipe it off with paper towels. Your windows will be less prone to fogging up.

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