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Preventing Secondary Illness and Injury After a Trucking Collision

Being in a trucking collision in Homestead or anywhere in southern Florida is devastating. Suffering severe injury on its own is enough of a problem, but for many patients secondary illness or injury can happen due to the injuries they sustained in a trucking collision.

Secondary illness and injury can occur as a complication of an initial injury. For example, someone who has suffered a severe injury which requires them to use a wheelchair may develop secondary infections, pneumonia, and other complications because they are immobilized in a wheelchair. Someone who has suffered a back injury may sustain a secondary injury or illness if they fall down due to their back injury and re-injure themselves. Head trauma patients may also be more prone to dizziness and may fall down again, which can be devastating since secondary traumatic brain injury can be more dangerous than the first.

If you have suffered a serious injury in a trucking collision, you will want to speak to your doctor about ways to prevent secondary illness and injury. There are a few basic ways you can take preventative measures right now:

1) Follow doctor’s orders.

You should follow the treatment plan you and your doctor have developed to ensure you have the best chance of a fuller recovery.

2) Realize you are injured and your immune system may be compromised.

Avoid returning immediately to your regular job, tasks, hobbies, and sports until you’re given the all-clear from your doctor. Avoid unnecessary visits to hospitals and take precautions to avoid catching the flu or cold, which can slow down your healing process. Wash hands frequently, get the flu shot, and avoid spending time around people who may be ill.

3) Protect yourself from falls and secondary injury.

If you have suffered an injury which affects your mobility or can cause dizziness, you may be at risk for secondary injury in the form of a fall. Wear sturdy shoes, slow down, and use caution when getting around. Try to adjust to your new mobility gradually, reducing the risk of a fall or other serious injury.

If you have suffered a secondary injury after your first injury, contact Flaxman Law Group. If your first or second injury were caused by negligence, you may have a claim which allows you to seek compensation for your injuries.