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Returning to Sports and Everyday Activity After a Trucking Collision

Being in a trucking collision in Hollywood or South Florida can leave you with serious injuries which make exercise, work, and everyday activities impossible. Whether you have sustained a fracture, amputation, back injury, head trauma, or other serious injury, there is a period of healing required.


Getting ready to return to exercise and everyday activities can be daunting. Even if you are excited by your recover and progress, you may still feel some pain or may worry about re-injury. If you are getting ready to dive back into your life after a serious injury, you will want to:

1) Follow doctor’s instructions closely.

Never return to any activities without an all-clear from your doctor. If you want to exercise or return to work duties, make sure you ask your doctor first. Also, make sure you follow your healthcare practitioner’s advice closely during your treatment, as this can ensure a fuller recovery and a faster return to your life.

2) Start small.

If you are starting to exercise again, for example, start with lower-impact movements and avoid full contact sports or more extreme movement until you have regained your strength. During the recovery process, you will lose some muscle, strength, and flexibility and you will want to regain these before exerting yourself more.

3) Keep track of and report any symptoms.

Once you start returning to work and sports, keep note of any symptoms you experience. Pain, twinges, and new symptoms should be reported to your doctor.

4) Protect yourself from re-injury.

After a serious injury, you may be more vulnerable to a second injury. For example, if you have had a fracture, your fractured bone may be more vulnerable until it heals completely, and while you are still recovering your mobility may be affected, make you more vulnerable to falls. If you have a head injury, additional head trauma can mean a more catastrophic injury.

If you are returning to work, make sure you use any medical devices or safety devices you need to stay safe. If you are returning to sports, make sure you use the best protection gear possible to stay safe.

5) Use extra caution when dealing with a permanent injury.

A permanent injury can affect mobility, balance, and can cause other issues. It will take some time to adjust to your body with a permanent injury. Rehabilitation can help.

6) Get support.

Talking with a support group or asking for help from colleagues, friends, and family can make the process easier. Having people helping you can ensure you get the emotional and physical support you need while your body heals fully.

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