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The companies you trust with your business may be storing more information about you than you realize. In order to make transactions fast and to market their products effectively, some companies keep your name and address on file. Other organizations may have your credit card or financial information, Social Security number, or even driver’s license number and other data stored digitally. If companies fail to keep your information safe, they can be held liable and you may have a legal claim against them in Homestead or your community.


How Can I Be Impacted by a Security Breach and Class Action Lawsuit?

Security breaches occur when data or computer systems are compromised in some way. It could be that personal data is stolen from a company by an unscrupulous employee or is not protected carefully. In some cases, breaches occur due to hacks committed by criminals.

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In some cases, it can be clear that a property owner was at fault in an injury case. If a property owner failed to put up signs abut renovations, for example, or failed to properly maintain their Hollywood or Florida property, plaintiffs can seek damages for injuries caused by that negligence. But what happens if your injury was caused by a third person or criminal? Do you have an inadequate security claim? How much security does a property owner have to have to show they aren’t negligent?

First, it’s important to understand what a negligent security claim is. This sort of legal action usually happens after someone is the victim of a crime, such as battery, assault, rape, mugging, or another violent crime that leads to injuries. In these cases, the injured party can pursue legal action against the perpetrator and can help police in criminal charges against the perpetrator. Plaintiffs may also have a claim against the property owner.

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At this time of year, high school graduates are looking forward to moving onto campus and starting their college careers. It can be a nerve-racking time for parents. Unfortunately, sports injuries in Miami and other types of injuries are quite common on college campuses both in the city and across the state. To keep your child safe or, you will want to:

1) Make sure your child has a cell phone with emergency numbers on it.

Emergency numbers should include the police, friends, and campus security. Unfortunately, assault and sexual assault on Miami and Florida campuses are all too common. Your child should be able to quickly contact someone in an emergency in the event that they do become a target.

2) Do a quick check of dorm room security.

Dorm rooms can be targets for theft and in some cases become the sites for assault. When dropping your child off at school, check to see what policies are in place to control the flow of visitors and residents into the building. Make sure that the buildings and doors are secure and that other safety systems are in place.


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Tax season can be very stressful not only for taxpayers, but also for the financial professionals who help clients file tax returns and resolve taxation issues. In February of this year, workplace violence affected three tax preparers in different parts of the country. In Florida, a tax preparer working in an office had a bullet narrowly miss her head. In addition, IRS officials sometimes receive threats of harm.

Safety experts say that more violence is possible as tax deadlines on April 15 draw near. Frustrated taxpayers may act aggressively or may resort to violence in some cases. In addition, tax preparers and other financial professionals are under additional pressure at this time of year and many offices hire seasonal workers for tax season. All of this can add up instances of workplace violence and other safety issues.

According to industry experts, it is important for tax preparers and tax preparation services to take steps to provide adequate security on their premises. If they do not and violence affects workers, clients, or others, the business could be held liable in an inadequate security claim in Miami or their city.


There are many things that tax preparers can do to curb violence in the workplace:

•Install security cameras, surveillance systems, or metal detectors, if needed
•Hire security guards
•Have a written safety policy that helps workers deal with aggressive clients and other safety issues
•Properly screen new workers, including seasonal and temporary workers
•Secure the premises with properly functioning doors and windows
If you are a taxpayer and have been injured when visiting a tax preparer or tax preparation service, you may be able to seek compensation that can help you pay for medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses. This is the case whether your injuries were caused by violence, inadequate security, or a slip and fall accident or other preventable injury on the premises. When you visit a business, you expect the business owner to take steps to keep you safe. If they do not take reasonable measures to keep you safe and you sustain injuries as a result, you may have a legal claim.

If you are a tax preparer and have been injured in the workplace, you may have a workers compensation claim in Miami or your city. You may also have a premises liability claim if your workplace was not adequate secure and your employer did not take adequate measures to keep you safe. If you have sustained a work injury in Miami or any Florida city, contact a good personal injury attorney to review your legal options.

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Property owners have an obligation to keep people visiting their property safe. Retail business owners, property managers, landlords, and property owners all have an obligation to ensure that their premises are safe. In fact, many business owners and property owners advertise their security systems and the safety of their premises to customers, patrons, and visitors. A condo building, for example, may promise the latest in security devices and measures. Many businesses charge extra for safety features.

Unfortunately, not all business owners live up to their promises in terms of adequate safety and security. Whether businesses promise safety and security overtly or not, they all have an obligation to ensure that their properties are safe. When owners and property managers are negligent in providing basic safety and adequate safety measures, they can be held liable if someone is injured on the property.

Inadequate security cases arise quite often when someone is assaulted, sexually assaulted, mugged, or otherwise harmed on a property due to inadequate security. In these cases, serious personal injury as well as emotional trauma can result. Even if the perpetrator is never caught, property owners can be held liable if it is shown that they are negligent in providing a reasonable amount or an appropriate amount of safety measures.

If you run a business, keep in mind that holiday time brings many new opportunities, but also additional risks. Many business owners do not consider inadequate security issues on their premises, but at this time of year, this is an important consideration. Unfortunately, holiday time can create a spate of crimes. Some people are desperate to raise funds while others respond to the stress of the holidays in violent, anti-social ways. You, of course, want to keep your employees, clients, and customers safe from harm. You also want to prevent inadequate security claims.

Inadequate security claims arise when the victim of a crime alleges that a property or business owner knew of security risks but failed to take adequate measures to prevent an attack. For example, if a series of muggings occur in a business parking lot, a new victim can bring an action against the business owners if attacked, alleging that the business owners knew of the risk through the previous attacks but failed to protect the victim from a similar attack.

There do not have to be a series of previous attacks for a victim to allege inadequate security issues. If there are security risks which were known to a business and the business failed to do something about these risks, the business may face an inadequate security risk suit if someone is injured as a result of these unaddressed risks. If a business parking lot is the site of a sexual assault, for example, the victim may launch an inadequate security case, even if there are no previous similar crimes in the area, if it can be proven that the business owners failed to provide good lighting or other security features which could have reasonably prevented the attack.

Companies are facing inadequate security cases at a much higher rate in recent years. Real estate companies and companies managing multiple properties or multiple unit properties need to be especially vigilant in ensuring that their properties are safe. Inadequate security cases usually occur when a violent crime or accident occurs in or on property that is not correctly kept secure. In many cases, these cases arise because a property owner knew about a possible danger but failed to make the property more secure.

For example, if a sexual assault occurs on a property, the victim can pursue action against a property owner if the property owner has failed to take proper security measures for the property. If parking areas are inadequately secured or if a property is poorly lit and someone is assaulted on the property, the victim of a violent crime on the property may be able to seek an inadequate security action.

If a victim of a violent crime that has occurred due to inadequate security has sustained personal injuries, such as brain injuries or broken bones, the victim can seek legal help to recover medical costs for these injuries. In addition, the victim is entitled under the law to seek financial help for any lost income or property damage that has occurred as a result of the crime.

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