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According to researchers at Colorado State University, there are a number of risk factors which can lead to serious slip and fall accidents among the elderly. Unfortunately, the elderly can be especially vulnerable to slip and fall accidents, and these types of accidents can easily lead to bone fractures, Aventura brain injuries, and other serious injuries. For those who want to avoid Aventura slip and fall accidents, the main risk factors to consider are:

1) Osteoporosis. This condition usually emerges in later life and causes the bones to become porous and weak. The weakness of the bones makes slip and falls more likely. At the same time, the condition itself can cause Aventura personal injuries in a fall. Those who have osteoporosis are more likely to break a bone or suffer serious injury in a fall. According to experts, elderly women, in particular, need to be screened for the condition and need to consume adequate amounts of calcium and Vitamin D to help prevent the condition.

2) Vision problems. Cataracts, Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), glaucoma, and other vision problems often occur in our senior years. These vision problems can in some cases affect depth perception and of course make it harder to see obstacles which can cause a fall. Yearly eye exams are important to maintain good eye health. In cases where someone has a vision problem, placing contrasting strips on stairs and other uneven surfaces can help prevent falls.

3) A sedentary lifestyle. Lack of adequate physical exercise results in poor flexibility, poor coordination, weak muscles, and decreased strength. These results can lead to poor overall condition, which can contribute to slip and fall accidents. Daily exercise can help prevent Aventura slip and fall injuries, but it is important to speak to a physician before starting any physical exercise program.
4) Environmental hazards. Obstacles, uneven flooring, loose rugs, and even poor shoe choices can contribute to Aventura slip and fall accidents. If you are concerned about falls, it is important to walk through your home and property in order to note and fix and possible danger areas. Good lighting can also help reduce the risk of trip and fall and slip and fall accidents.

5) Medications. Some over-the-counter and prescription medications have side effects which can affect balance, blood pressure, and alertness. These types of side effects can make a patient more susceptible to slip and fall accidents. When patients take multiple medications, especially, they are vulnerable to not only side effects but also to drug interactions. To prevent this, it is a good idea to carefully read the labels of any new medication and to discuss any medications you are taking with both your pharmacist and doctor. In many cases, you can bring a list of all your prescription and over-the-counter medications to your doctor or pharmacist to make sure that there are no drug side effects or interactions you need to be aware of.

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Do you work in Carver Ranches? If so, you may already be aware that workplace safety is of utmost importance. Employers are expected to provide a safe environment for their employees, but each year people file Carver Ranches workers compensation claims and Florida workers compensation claims after being injured in the workplace.

Carver Ranches slip and fall accidents are among the most common Carver Ranches workplace injuries. Carver Ranches slip and falls or trip and falls can occur in just about any workplace, from construction sites to office environments. These accidents, although perhaps not as dramatic as Carver Ranches car accidents, still can cause serious injury. Each year, people sustain fractures, spinal cord injuries, and other serious injuries in workplace slip and fall accidents. These types of accidents can cause lost income as well as thousands of dollars in medical bills.

In the workplace, Carver Ranches slip and fall accidents can occur due to occasional spills, wet surfaces, weather hazards, loose carpeting or mats, poor floor traction, and trip hazards.
Poor lighting, clutter, poor visibility, uneven walking surfaces, and other issues can also contribute to slips and trips in the workplace. There are many things that employers can do to help prevent workplace Carver Ranches slip and fall accidents:

1) Practice good housekeeping. Employers should check the safety and the cleanliness of the workplace often. Tripping hazards, clutter, and spills should be removed promptly to ensure that no Carver Ranches personal injuries can occur in the workplace.

2) Provide good quality walking surfaces. Resurfacing older floors, checking carpeting and rugs often, and providing no slip treads can all make walking surfaces safer for everyone. Areas where moisture is likely should especially be coated with special anti-slip protection or should be surfaced with flooring that provides good traction, even when wet. For example, outdoor spaces that can get wet in the rain should still provide good grip even when wet.

3) Inform employees of hazards. In some cases, hazards cannot easily be removed. For example, stairs can pose a fall hazard no matter how many steps are taken in order to make them safer. In cases where hazards cannot be completely removed, employers should post signs that clearly indicate the dangers, so that employees know to be extra cautious.

4) Encourage safe footwear. If the workplace has a uniform, that uniform should include safe shoes. If no uniform is required, employees should nevertheless be encouraged to wear safe, sturdy shoes that reduce the risk of slip and fall injuries.

5) Educate employees about workplace safety. Many Carver Ranches workplace accidents can be reduced or eliminated with proper employee caution. Employers should take care to educate their employees about dangers and about proper safety practices in order to make the workplace the safe as possible.

6) Ensuring good lighting and visibility. Good lighting can help ensure that employees can see where they are going, which can help reduce trips and falls as well as Carver Ranches slip and fall accidents. Replacing light bulbs as needed and ensuring that light bulbs are sufficiently bright and well placed can help make the workplace safer for everyone.

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In areas of the country where there is winter, slip and fall accidents are a major cause of concern at this time of year due to snow and ice accumulation. In areas with a harsh winter, frozen ice and snow are a major cause of slip and fall accidents as well as premises liability lawsuits. While Miami residents are fortunate in that they do not need to worry about ice and snow, Miami slip and fall accidents are still a concern at this time of year. In fact, these types of accidents can occur more often at this time of year. There are many reasons for this.

While Miami does not have to worry about ice and snow, rain can still lead to wet leaves and water accumulation on the ground, which can cause a slip and fall danger. To avoid having a Miami head injury or other serious injury take place on your property, ensure that you check for any slip and fall hazards and remove them promptly. If there are areas that you cannot keep dry easily, consider placing a sign to alert visitors of the danger. Failure to remove slip and fall hazards, especially if you own a business property, can easily lead to Miami premises liability suits, so it makes sense to do a regular safety audit of your property to ensure that everyone stays safe.

Busy stores are another culprit at this time of year. When stores get hectic, employees sometimes are focused on just processing long line-ups at the cash, and with more customers in the stores, spills in aisles are more likely, as are messes and merchandise on the floor. If you are shopping during the holiday rush, wear practical shoes that have good no-slip treads. If you notice a spill or other danger while shopping, alert store personnel.

More errands during the holidays also mean more walking, which can lead to an increase in Miami pedestrian accidents and slip and fall injuries. If you will be out and about walking during the holidays, dress appropriately and with good walking shoes. Try to run your errands during the day, when visibility is good. Consider running errands with friends. This makes errands more fun and also helps keep you safer while you are walking.

Miami slip and fall accidents can be a serious type of accident. In some cases, they lead to broken bones, Miami spinal cord injuries, hip fractures, head injuries, and other serious injuries. While in some cases, slip and fall accidents cause no more than a bruised ego, these types of accidents can and do lead to permanent injury. Being aware that these types of accidents may be more common during the holidays and taking steps to prevent this type of accident can help ensure that you enjoy a safe and happy holiday.

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Miami is a large city, so it’s no surprise that it sees a large number of slip and fall accidents each year. This is especially tragic given the large number of elderly people in Miami. A Miami slip and fall accident can be potentially fatal for an elderly person. It can lead to serious Miami spinal cord injuries, head injuries, and hip fractures. Even for young person, a slip and fall injury can result in broken bones and other serious injuries. Luckily, there are many ways to avoid this type of injury:

1) Vision correction. If you are an elderly loved one need glasses or lenses, it is important to wear them at all times and to get yearly checkups of your eyes. Some vision problems, such as Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), can affect a person’s ability to see correctly and can easily lead to trip and fall and slip and fall accidents. In some cases, however, the symptoms of AMD and other vision problems are not immediately apparent, which is why regular check-ups are so important.

2) Good footwear. Miami is a very fashionable place and many people go out of their way to buy trendy shoes, but it’s important to consider safety first. High heels, poor ankle support, and flimsy straps can make it easy for anyone to roll an ankle or fall flat. When selecting shoes, look for sturdy shoes that offer plenty of support and have strong soles with good treads. If you must wear high heels for work, make sure that they are a lower heel and attach no-slip stickers to the bottom of your shoes to offer some traction.

4) Medication control. Some medications can lead to side effects, such as dizziness, vision problems, and other serious side effects which can make it difficult to walk safely. Before taking any medications – including over-the-counter medications — speak to your pharmacist or doctor about any possible side effects and issues. Will the new medication interact with other medications you are taking? Are there any side effects you should be aware of? If you are taking a medication that does have serious side effects, speak with your doctor about ways to minimize those side effects for your own safety.

5) Good clothing choices. Skirts and pants that drag on the ground can pose a tripping hazard. It is important to wear correctly fitted clothing in order to avoid tripping and falling. Fashion isn’t worth a serious Miami head injury or broken bone.

6) Support devices when needed. The elderly may eventually need walkers, canes, or other medical devices to help provide stability when walking. These devices can make the elderly more independent while reducing the risk of falls.

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If you have an elderly loved one who is frail or ill, you may already be worried about Florida slip and fall injuries. These types of injuries are in fact one of the leading causes of personal injury among elderly individuals. If someone you care for has suddenly been diagnosed with a new illness, their risk for these types of injuries may be higher than average, especially as they learn to adjust to their medication or condition. Some eye conditions as well as serious illnesses such as dementia, arthritis, and other illnesses can all increase the risk of a slip and fall accident. Even a new type of medication can lead to dizziness or faintness that leads to a slip and fall accident.

While for a young, healthy person a slip and fall accident may be nothing more than an embarrassment, for an elderly person who is already ill it can lead to serious complications, broken bones, Florida spinal cord injuries, head injuries, and other serious injuries. Luckily, there are several things you can do:

1) Make sure that your loved one gets the treatment they need. Whether it is an eye condition or a condition that affects muscles and mobility, getting proper treatment from a physician is vital and can help reduce the symptoms that can lead to slip and fall accidents in the first place. When discussing treatment with a physician, make sure that your elderly loved one also gives advice about avoiding accidents and complications possible with their illness.

2) Help your loved one adjust to life with a new illness. If an elderly loved one has been just diagnosed with a serious illness, they will need some time to adjust to life with new mobility, new medications, or the new condition. It may be helpful to stay with your loved one for awhile or hire temporary part-time help at home to ensure that your family member gets the support they need. Help with daily tasks and gentle reminders about treatment or doctor’s appointments can go a long way towards ensuring that their health is taken care of.

3) Offer help with accessibility. Today, there are many tools and resources available for elderly loved ones with a serious ailment. If your elderly loved one has been diagnosed with a specific ailment, it can be useful to join a support group for people with that illness. This will help give you some ideas of the types of adjustment that may be necessary in order to lead a full, happy life. You may also want to visit a health supply store to find tools and options that can help your elderly loved one stay safe. For example, if your elderly loved one has problems with their eyesight or with mobility, getting no-slip adhesive stick-ons for hardwood floors may be a good option. Grab bars in the bathrooms can also help anyone who has mobility issues. There are number of solutions available.

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Florida slip and fall accidents are often associated with the winter, when rains and cooler weather are common. However, summer is also a high-risk time for these types of personal injuries, especially among the elderly. There are many reasons why emergency rooms across Florida see Florida brain injury patients, broken bones, and other problems associated with slip and fall injuries:

1) More traffic and activity. More people are out and about in the summer, and more tourists flock to the state in the summer months. This can mean more pedestrian traffic and even crowds. In crowds, slip and fall accidents are more common, as it is easy to trip over someone’s foot or handbag. Worse, slip and fall accidents in crowds can be more dangerous, as others can step on someone who has fallen, adding to the injury.

2) The effects of heat and the sun. Summer weather can lead to glare, which can cause visibility problems. Heat and sun can also lead to heatstroke, dehydration, and exhaustion, which can cause dizziness and even fainting. It is important to stay hydrated and covered up in the winter. Younger children and the elderly may need help getting extra water, as well as sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses to help protect against Florida weather.

3) More time outdoors. While extra exercise outdoors is a positive step, the outdoors pose a number of challenges, including uneven sidewalks and other hazards for the elderly.

4) More plant life. Untrimmed bushes and long grasses can hide obstacles and can lead to trip and fall accidents – as well as Florida premises liability claims. It is important to keep walkways and sidewalks clear of vegetation so that everyone can walk safely.

5) Water. Florida summers often mean pools, sprinklers, water fountains, watering the garden, and other water activities. However, it is important to keep in mind that water also means a bigger risk of slip and fall injuries. Around the pool, install no-slip treads. If you need to water your garden or will be using sprinklers or water fountains, make sure that the water does not seep or pool onto walkways, driveways, and sidewalks, where it can create slippery surfaces. As well, take a look at gutters at this time of year – when they are not cleaned regularly, they can cause pools of water to form near your home after summer showers, which can be dangerous for visitors and your family. As well, keep an eye on water indoors. Dragging in water from the pool can create slippery conditions indoors, too. Keep a rug by the door to catch wet towels and shoes. Clean up any spills or water on the floor promptly.
6) Summer shoes. Summer shoes may be designed to keep feet cool, but some types of summer shoes do not provide great support for walking or driving. Keep slide-on shoes and flip-flops for the beach. For everyday walking, choose sandals or shoes with good treads and good support. Shoes should close around the heel and not be in any danger of slipping off.

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While we often associate Florida slip and fall accidents with elderly persons, in fact the culprit is often not age, but medical conditions. The reality is that any medical or health changes can affect a person’s ability to navigate safely. Consider these medical changes, for example:

1) Physical changes. Florida spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and other physical injuries can make someone less mobile or can affect mobility in a number of ways. A broken foot, for example, usually means that someone must precariously balance on crutches. People with physical injuries are often vulnerable to injuries.

2) Neurological issues and head trauma. Brain injuries and neurological problems can lead to dizziness, disorientation, and other symptoms which can make it challenging to get around safely. Unfortunately, a slip and fall accident can cause even more brain trauma to Florida brain injury victims, making injuries even more severe.

3) Eye problems. Sudden changes in vision can make it hard to see obstacles and can lead to tripping and falling. Wearing correct eyeglasses and getting yearly eye exams is important for eye health and also in preventing accidents. Very gradual changes to the eye can be just as dangerous but are often ignored. A yearly exam can help catch and treat these problems before they lead to injury.

4) Sudden changes in ability. When someone who is fully-abled is in a car accident or sustains a serious permanent injury, it can take some time to get used to a new type of ability. During this time, accidents and problems are quite common. Physical or rehabilitation therapy as well as carefully monitoring by health care professionals can help.

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If you have an elderly parent or relative, you may worry about slip and fall accidents. Indeed, Florida slip and fall accidents are one of the leading causes of broken bones and emergency room admittances in older Florida residents. In serious cases, slip and fall accidents can lead to Florida head injuries and other serious injuries as well. Luckily, there are many ways that families and friends can help elderly loved ones:

1) Stay aware. Staying aware of medical conditions, such as dementia or eye problems, which can affect an elderly person’s ability to see and walk without accidental trips. That way, you can remind someone about their medications or condition and keep alert for signs of problems.

2) Help make someone’s home safer. No-slip rugs and grab bars in the bathroom are important safety measures for elderly loved ones. If there are lots of stairs in your elderly parent or relative’s home, motorized lifts or ramps can make these hazards less dangerous.

3) Consider extra help. A nurse stopping in a few times a week can help an elderly parent cope with medical changes. Hired help around the home ensures that a loved one does not fall while trying to do yard work or cleaning. Even a few hours a week of help can help prevent accidents and overwork.

4) Keep communication open with your loved one and their physician. It can be useful to visit your relative’s physician during a regular check-up. This gives you an option of finding out about any medications or conditions you should be aware of. You can also use the opportunity to ask the doctor about anything you can do to keep your relative safer.

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Florida slip and fall accidents are a major cause of Florida brain injuries, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, and other serious injuries. While in some cases slip and fall accidents are caused by uneven ground or slippery spills on the ground, physical condition can also have a key impact on slip and fall accidents. In fact, physical conditions and illnesses are one reason why the elderly are especially prone to these accidents. There are many conditions and symptoms which can increase the likelihood of slip and fall accidents:

1) Medication. Many over-the-counter and prescription medications have serious side effects which can impact vision and coordination and can lead to a fall. When getting new medication, it is important to speak to a pharmacist and doctor about drug interactions and any side effects which can impact personal safety. In many cases, medications can be changed by a physician to reduce the possible side effects.

2) Eye conditions and vision problems. The elderly are subject to Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and other vision problems which can cause blurriness and other symptoms. In many cases, individuals with such conditions are especially prone to Florida slip and fall accidents, simply because they cannot clearly see any obstacles or uneven surfaces in front of them. Corrective lenses and treatment can help.

3) Dizziness. Dizziness and lightheadedness are common symptoms that can be caused by anything from hormone changes to medication side effects to heart attacks. Any dizziness should be immediately investigated by a qualified doctor. It could be the symptom of an illness that needs attention.

4) Motor function. Poor motor function can be caused by a host of illnesses and can easily lead to slip and fall accidents and other serious accidents. Poor coordination can also be an important symptom of a neurological condition or problem which needs prompt medical attention.

5) Bone health. While bone health does not lead to Florida slip and fall accidents, in many cases it can determine how serious a fall is. Those suffering from osteoporosis and other conditions affecting bone density are more likely to suffer broken bones, hip fractures, and other serious problems from a fall.

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Florida slip and fall accidents are a common source of injuries, especially among the elderly. For business owners, slip and fall accidents also pose a serious risk of lawsuits. Many businesses have plenty of foot traffic. Stores and offices, for example, may serve dozens or even hundreds of visitors and customers daily. If one of these customers slips and falls, a common result is a Florida premises liability claim. Slip and fall accidents can cause broken bones, Florida brain injuries, back injuries, and other serious injuries. For business owners lawsuits from premises liability claims can result in increased insurance costs as well as expensive litigation.

Many Florida slip and fall accidents are caused when solid or liquid substances find their way to the floors. In restaurants and grocery stores, for example, a common hazard is spilled food. Even in cases where food is spilled by a customer, the business owner may be held liable if another customer slips and falls due to the spill. This is because for the purposes of the law, it is understood that the business owner invites customers onto the property in order to conduct business. Therefore, the business owner has a legal obligation to protect this “invitee” from dangers.

In general, a business owner may be found liable for personal injury on a business property if:

1) it can be shown that the business owner should reasonably know or does know of a dangerous condition which might be a risk to invitees;
2) it can be shown that the business owner should know that invitees will not be able to notice the hazard or will not guard against the hazard;
3) it can be shown that the business owner did not take reasonable precautions to protect invitees.

Under new Florida laws, the plaintiff is responsible for proving that a business owner knew of a hazard on the property. However, it is still assumed that business owners will take reasonable care in Florida to keep their premises safe. There are many ways that business owners can keep their premises safe from lawsuits and keep their customers safe from injuries:

1) Run regular checks of the premises. In many cases, businesses can protect themselves by running regular checks of their premises specifically to check for dangers. Keeping the outcomes of these checks in writing helps provide an additional layer of protection, as it shows that a business owner is serious about keeping the premises safe. Another option is to have a formal complaint system in place, so that if a customer complains about a possible issue, it can be resolve quickly, before an injury takes place.

2) Take precautions against common dangers. In many cases, accidents are predictable. If there is a swimming pool on a business premises, for example, the possibility of swimming pool accidents is present. If a business owner serves food or drink, there is the possibility of spills. Noting common dangers and creating formal, written policies to help guard against these dangers is a savvy move for business owners. For example, business owners running a bar or café may wish to schedule regular clean-ups of the floor or have a formal policy in place for employees to check and clean up any spills.

3) Post warning signs where needed. In some cases, removing hazards is just not viable. For example, many Florida slip and fall accidents are caused by stairs and uneveneness in floor surfaces. Due to structural design, removing these dangers may not be possible or viable. If this is the case, business owners will want to post clearly visible warning signs, alerting customers of the danger.

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