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Last month, a Miami garbage truck feel from Interstate 95 after crashing through a barrier, landing in a park below. While no children were in the park, the driver of the garbage truck was thrown from the cab and had to be rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. The accident highlighted the dangers of highway truck accidents in Miami, Hollywood, and South Florida:

1) Speed.

Speed limits on highways and freeways are higher than on residential streets, and while this allows for faster it can also mean greater risk. When larger vehicles such as tractor trailers and big rigs travel at high speed, they pose a serious danger in the event of a crash. The force and velocity of these vehicles can cause significant damage to many vehicles around them.


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All cars – including yours – have blind spots, but the blind spots on large commercial big rigs and tractor trailers are much larger because of the size of those vehicles. On an 18-wheeler or other larger truck, blind spots happen to be alongside the truck and behind the truck. If your car is in these areas, the trucker may not see you and you may be at risk for an accident.


Blind spots can lead to accidents in two major ways:

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New drivers and young drivers face a number of obstacles in the first few years of driving. They may still be developing their skills and in some cases they may face peer pressure from friends to take risks behind the wheel. In addition, some teen drivers haven’t yet found their confidence in driving.


Teen drivers may not yet be familiar with driving around other types of vehicles, such as commercial trucks. Sharing the road with larger vehicles is a crucial skill to learn. Truck accidents in Hollywood and Florida claim far too many lives each year and these accidents can lead to devastating, permanent injuries as well.

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T-bone accidents or side impact accidents involving semi-trucks and tractor-trailers are often devastating. When a large commercial truck hits the side of a vehicle, the size and force of the larger vehicle can cause significant damage to the smaller car. In addition, the side of a car often has very little in the way of a crumple zone. There is usually only a few inches of metal, glass, and plastic separating the truck from the passengers inside the car.


In many cases, side-impact collisions and T-bone crashes in Hollywood and Florida occur when a truck or car is trying to change lanes. These collisions also occur very frequently at intersections when a truck or car runs a red light or fails to yield to another vehicle.

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If you have been injured in a trucking collision in Homestead or any Florida community, you may wonder whether you have a legal claim or any options for securing compensation in your case. You may also have lots of other questions about your case, such as: How will I pay for my medical treatment? What will happen to my car? Will I be able to return to work?

One of the ways to answer your questions is to speak with a Homestead personal injury attorney. A skilled attorney can address your concerns and can work to answer some of your questions. He or she can determine the likely total costs of your injuries and can help you understand your rights. He or she can also help you find a mechanic or medical services, if you need them.

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Florida is home to many waterways and as a result has many bridges. Trucks often must cross these bridges in Miami and other cities order to deliver their cargo. Unfortunately, bridges pose a special danger for trucks. In the event of a collision, a two-lane bridge simply does not provide any space for other vehicles to go, which can increase the severity of the crash. In addition, the weight and force of a truck accident can cause severe structural damage to the bridge itself, even leading to bridge collapse.


There are many federal and state rules in place to keep bridges and vehicles safe. For example, many bridges have clearance limits. This means that trucks above a certain height are not permitted on some bridges. In addition, all bridges have weight limits, so that heavy trucks posing a risk of bridge collapse are not permitted on the structures. Unfortunately, in some cases truckers violate these rules and try to squeeze an overloaded or overweight truck onto a bridge. This can lead to bridge collapse, structural damage, and other problems.

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Truck drivers transport their cargo on tight deadlines, and they often rely on highways and freeways in order to get their cargo to their destination faster. While freeways may be filled with trucks every day, freeways pose a special danger for trucking collisions in Homestead and other communities.

Freeways in Hollywood, Miami, and surrounding areas tend to be busy, especially during rush hour. They also tend to have higher speed limits than city streets. Together, this can create a dangerous combination in the event of a trucking accident. When a tracking accident occurs on a freeway, it is more likely that there will be other cars around the vehicle. This can easily lead to a pileup or multiple vehicle crash. In addition, the high speeds on these roadways can mean that the force of the impact is much greater, potentially leading to rollovers and other serious accidents that can crush smaller vehicles or cause serious injuries and even fatalities.

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The trucking industry uses more technology than ever before. Technology helps truckers avoid traffic collisions in Homestead and other cities and helps save money on fuel. There are many types of technology that truckers and truck carriers rely on, including:

1) GPS.

Ubiquitous in regular cars and trucks, GPS allows truck drivers and delivery drivers to find their destinations, even in unfamiliar areas. The technology also means less time spent looking at maps and more time focusing on the road.


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Ambulances, fire trucks, and police cars save lives. When they are rushing by to get to an emergency, other motorists are required to get out of the way. When emergency vehicles with lights flashing are parked on the side of the road to assist others, drivers are expected to leave plenty of room and to slow down to prevent hitting emergency crews or their vehicles.


Despite these rules, many truck accidents and broadside crashes  in Miami Beach and surrounding areas each year involve emergency vehicles. Some motorists refuse to yield to emergency trucks while in other instances the speed traveled by emergency vehicles causes a collision. There are ways to prevent these roadway collisions, fortunately:

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The Department of Transportation recently announced that soon trucking companies in Mexico will be able to seek authority to conduct cross-border and long-haul operations in the United States. Many assumed that truck drivers from Mexico would be allowed into the country after 1995 as part of the North American Free Trade Agreement, but concerns about safety have limited operations for Mexican carriers in this country. Will the move create more truck accidents in Miami and other communities or have no impact on safety?


Opposition to the New Plan

The Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA), the Teamsters, and other groups oppose the move, saying that safety concerns remain. There are also concerns that allowing the companies into the United States could hurt the domestic job market.

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