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How to Choose an Attorney for Refugee and Immigration Issues

Refugee and immigration issues can tear families apart. Whether a member of your family is seeking asylum and needs to escape a life-threatening situation in their home country, or whether you need help resolving an immigration issue that would allow you to remain in your current home, you will need legal assistance.


There are several issues that can potentially affect immigration issues:

1) The complexity of the system.

Immigration and refugee laws are changing all the time, and the rules and forms required for many immigration applications are written in formal, complex language. It can be challenging to understand these documents and to understand what you need to do in order to secure the paperwork you need.

2) Language barriers.

Many applicants for immigration or refugee status are just learning English, which can make understanding complex forms an even bigger challenge. Language differences can also make it harder to ask for information. Finding a compassionate attorney who speaks your language and can explain things to you in everyday language can help. For example, Flaxman Law Group has staff members and attorneys who speak Spanish, so you can communicate more easily.

3) A high rejection rate.

Many immigration applicants for visas, refugee status, and other immigration programs are rejected each year. In some cases, it’s because applicants don’t meet qualifications and in other cases it’s because forms have been filled out incorrectly.

4) Unethical “help.”

Some businesses falsely “guarantee” visas, work visas, or other status – in exchange for very high fees. Other businesses –operated by “notario publico” – promise legal services they can’t deliver. In both cases, clients may find themselves spending a lot of money without getting results.

Finding the right immigration and asylum attorney

To avoid immigration scams and to get honest assistance with your immigration or asylum application, you may need the services of a good attorney. The right asylum and immigration attorney in Hollywood or South Florida is one who:

  • Has experience
  • Is willing to listen
  • Is courteous and supportive
  • Is part of a law office or law firm with the resources to help you
  • Lets you understand fees and costs

If you need an immigration or asylum attorney, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free consultation. The attorneys at Flaxman Law Group speak Spanish and have worked with many immigration clients. We take the time to listen to you and to explain the process. We can assist with a variety of immigration matters and we work with a network of professionals and consultants so we can assist our clients more fully. Our fee structures are transparent and we are always willing to explain complex legal matters in simplified language so you are empowered. Our offices in Miami, Homestead, and Hollywood serve the entire South Florida area, so contact our law offices today.