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Spring Cleaning Safety: Preventing Injury in Your Home

If you’re cleaning your Homestead or South Florida home at this time of year, you want to get your home sparkling but you’ll also want to clean safely. While cleaning is generally a safe activity, it can lead to chemical burns from harsh detergents, trip and fall accidents, and other types of injuries.

To stay safe and prevent these types of injuries, follow these safety tips:

1) Use rubber gloves when using harsh chemicals.

Chemicals used to clean the home can be corrosive enough to cause serious skin injuries, burns, eye injuries and other injuries. Always use rubber gloves to protect your hands and read the directions on the bottle carefully. If you need to ventilate your home when using a specific product, be sure to do so. Always follow the directions given. Even when using natural cleansers, make sure you understand the risks and stay safe.

2) Use the right tools.

When cleaning light fixtures, for example, use dusters with extendable handles which don’t require you to use ladders and step stools. If you do need to use step stools or ladders to get to higher areas, make sure you center them correctly and ensure they are sturdy before you climb up. Never stretch or reach from a ladder to reach a hard-to-reach spot; you risk falling and sustaining a fracture or serious injury. Get down from the ladder and move the ladder if you can’t reach.

3) Take frequent breaks.

Trying to clean your entire home at once can be daunting and can cause you to make errors which can lead to injuries. Clean one area of your home at a time, taking breaks. Or, get some friends and family to help you or hire service rather than trying to overdo it. Remember that strains and sprains can happen when you clean. If you have mobility issues or are recovering from an illness or injury, it is especially important not to overdo things, as you may be at risk of re-injury.

4) Check your cleaning tools carefully.

Periodically check vacuum cleaners, steamers, and other equipment you use when cleaning. Make sure the cords on them are in good condition and that the product itself has not been recalled. If you’re injured by a home appliance that you feel may have been defective, contact a personal injury attorney in Homestead or your community to find out whether you have a products liability claim.

5) Use cleaning time to make your home safer.

While tidying up your home, check your smoke detectors and fire alarms. Checking them regularly throughout the year ensures they are working if you need to get out of your home in the event of a fire. As you clean, also be sure to get rid of any debris. Debris can cause a slip and fall accidents, fractures and other injuries. If you notice any maintenance issues while cleaning, make sure to address them promptly before they can cause an injury.

If you have been injured during cleaning because of a defective product or unsafe cleaning chemical, contact a personal injury attorney in Homestead or your community to find out whether you have a claim. You may be able to seek compensation to pay for your medical bills and other costs. If you’d like to speak to a personal injury attorney in Homestead, contact Flaxman Law Group for a free consultation.