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Homestead residents who attend a church, synagogue, or other place of worship turn to their faith to help them grow spiritually with others. No one attends a service or religious event expecting to be injured, yet this situation affects many people of faith every year. Whether you are attending a place of worship for a religious event or regular service, a social event, for volunteer work, or for another cause, if you have been injured by the organization’s negligence, you may have a claim.

Types of Injuries On Religious Organization Grounds

No matter what kind of faith service you are attending, you have a reasonable expectation to be safe and your church, mosque, or other place of worship has a duty to take reasonable steps to keep you safe. Despite this, there are many types of injuries that happen at places of worship:

After a big disaster, it is quite common for everyone in the immediate area to have their lives permanently affected. Whether the disaster is a big fire, storm, or natural disaster, massive damage and multiple claimants involved can also complicate the insurance process.


If your home and property have been damaged in this type of incident, your very first priority will be to get to safety and to get any emergency medical help you need. You will also want to contact your insurer as quickly as possible to start the claims process. In addition, be sure to keep records and receipts of everything possible. This may mean taking photos of the damage, making an itemized list of all the damage, writing down the details of the incident which caused the damage, keeping receipts for hotels and every other expense you have incurred. Do not throw away any damaged property.

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When you travel outside of Florida, you of course want to have a great trip. No one expects to suffer a personal injury or thinks about being in a truck accident when they’re outside of Hollywood or their community, but in fact vacation and travel injuries do occur.


Being injured outside of your state can be especially stressful. It can upset your travel plans and increase your travel costs. When you are far from home, you may also not know insurance laws which can impact your claims and may be far from doctors, family members, and others you would normally trust and rely on in this type of situation.

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If you have suffered a fire in your home, an injury on your property or have been injured in a car accident, you may need to deal with your insurance carrier. This can be daunting for most people, especially those who don’t have a background in insurance law, which is quite complex.


When you are paying for insurance or trying to sign up with a new insurance company, an insurance agent may be very helpful. However, once you need to make a claim, the process may change. Keep in mind that insurance companies make money by taking your premiums every month and by paying out to the least amount possible. The larger the profit margins, the happier their shareholders are and ultimately insurance companies are beholden to their shareholders. Continue reading →

It can be challenging to know when to hire a Hollywood personal injury attorney or a lawyer in your community.  However, knowing when to call on an attorney is crucial, since legal advice and representation at the right time can protect your interests and can ensure you get fair compensation.


If you have been injured due to someone’s negligence or recklessness, your rights to compensation become important. The financial impact of a serious injury or damage can be substantial. Whether you have been in a car collision, workplace accident or have been affected by a mugging or other crime, you may have to lose time at work and you may have significant medical bills to pay. In addition, you may face months or even years of healing. Getting fair compensation allows you to pay for medication, property damage, surgery, medical treatment, counseling, and all the other support you need to make the best recovery possible.

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You might have big financial goals for 2016. Maybe you want to save a certain amount, get out of debt, or start earning more income. They’re all great goals, but if you don’t have a plan for injury, you could be hurting your chances of improving your financial life.

The reality is that injuries are extremely expensive, whether you have medical coverage or not. For the US, injuries cost the economy $671 billion in 2013 alone. For individual families in Hollywood and across the nation, unexpected medical costs (like those caused by injuries) are one of the leading causes of personal bankruptcy.


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Many people aren’t sure when to contact a personal injury attorney if they’ve been injured in Hollywood or South Florida. They may wonder about the costs of hiring an attorney or they may assume that insurance companies will help them. Unfortunately, by the time many people determine they need the help of a legal professional, they may already have harmed their case or signed away some of their rights.

Don’t let this happen to you.


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Freelancers and contract workers are a growing work force in this country. Many people take on freelance work in addition to their regular jobs to generate more income, and many people choose to seek out freelance work full-time. Some economists think independent contractors are the future of the workplace, because more workers are demanding the freedom and independence freelance work offers. Technology has also made it easier than ever before to work from anywhere as a contractor.

If you’re working as a freelancer, though, things like workers’ compensation laws and legal claims in Hollywood and Florida can become more complicated. If you’re injured on the job, for example, what are your rights? How will you replace lost income and pay your medical bills? If you find yourself in this situation, contact a Hollywood personal injury attorney for legal advice. Flaxman Law Group is always standing by to help you if you have been injured.


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Do you know how you would deal with an unexpected medical expense? In Hollywood and South Florida, an emergency hospital stay can cost you tens of thousands of dollars or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. A serious, permanent injury such as a back injury or head injury can cost $100,000 of medical expenses alone in the first year. Subsequent years can cost even more. And these costs do not take into consideration the at-home care, medications, outpatient care, and all the other care that you may need if you have suffered a severe injury.


Unexpected medical expenses are one of the leading causes of personal bankruptcy in Hollywood, South Florida and across the country. This is because even with medical insurance, car insurance, and other forms of coverage many people are unprepared for the sheer cost of medical care and other expenses resulting from a serious injury. Unless you are independently wealthy, you may not be able to come up with the tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars needed to replace lost income and pay for all the expenses of a serious medical condition. This situation can be even more dire if you do not have medical coverage or if you have inadequate coverage.

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Workplace injuries in Homestead are unfortunately all too common. If you are injured at a traditional job, you are usually covered by workers’ compensation coverage. In addition, you may have a civil claim against the employer if the company was negligent1398441496zh29r in providing you with a safe workplace.

Increasingly, however, people are choosing work-at-home agreements or freelance work to supplement traditional work or even instead of traditional jobs. These more flexible jobs provide plenty of freedom, but they do come with some risks. One of those risks is that there are fewer benefits and protections offered. If you work at home as an independent contractor or freelancer, you may find that you have fewer protections if you are injured on the job.

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