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How Preventable are Tire Blowout Collisions?

Tire blowouts are terrifying. One moment you may be following a commercial truck and the next you may witness a loud boom followed by pieces of rubber flying at high speeds toward your windshield. After a tire blowout, truck drivers are sometimes able to pull over safely to the side of the road. However, a truck tire blowout in Hollywood or another community can also cause a truck driver to temporarily lose control of the vehicle. This can cause a serious accident, especially on freeways or near intersections.


Tire blowouts can occur for number of reasons, including:

  • Overweight Cargo
  • Poor Maintenance
  • Faulty Tire Design
  • Old Tires
  • Incorrectly Installed Tires
  • Speeding
  • Bald Or Worn Tires
  • Debris On The Roads
  • Overheating

Many of these causes are completely preventable. For example, truck companies can perform correct maintenance on their fleets and tires and can schedule regular tire maintenance to make sure that tires are properly maintained. Drivers can inspect tires (and in fact are required to do so by federal laws) and report any worn or poorly installed tires.

Overweight Cargo and Tire Problems

Overweight cargo – one of the more common causes of tire issues – is also completely preventable. In fact, exceeding weight limits is illegal and truck carriers and truck drivers can simply avoid this problem by obeying the law. Exceeding safe weights is extremely dangerous because it puts added pressure on tires, making them wear out prematurely and putting them at risk of blowouts.

Overweight cargo can hurt tires in other ways, too. Heavier trucks can cause brakes to overheat, which can make the entire truck handle poorly. In some cases, overweight cargo can even lead to brake failure. On downhill slants, the extra weight can put even more pressure on tires, potentially causing them to overheat.

Excess weight on the roads can also damage bridges, roads, and road surfaces, leading to potholes and other problems that can injure tires and can lead to blowouts.

Faulty Tires

In some cases, tire blowouts and issues are caused by defects. For example, manufacturers may fail to design or make a safe tire. The rubber on the tires can also deteriorate over time, so even if a tire is never used it can become unsafe over time if it is stored in a warehouse for years. Mechanics are expected to ensure that they are installing safe tires (and ones that have not been recalled).

If a tire blowout in Hollywood or Florida has been caused by a mechanical defect, there may be multiple liable parties. Depending on what has happened, the manufacturer, mechanic, truck driver, and truck company may all be held liable.

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