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Right now, many people are working to make money and with customers needing a range of products to stay at home, there are many products which may be cropping up in stores which are less than safe. More customers are also shopping online and this can mean they cannot always carefully check for the safety of products when they shop.


Unfortunately, this can mean a rise in unsafe products and even dangerous or defective items which can lead to burns, facial injuries, and other injuries:

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We rely on electronic devices to wake us up, share the weather, get us to our destination, and more. Whether you use phones, GPS, voice-activated personal assistants, or other devices, however, these devices can cause injury.


Each year, residents of Hollywood and South Florida are injured by electronic devices or are the victims of identity theft or fraud because their devices are targeted. Here’s how you can reduce your risk:

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The news has been filled with news stories about a mysterious lung illness which seem to affect people who use vaping devices in the news. Since not much is known right now, there is some confusion about vaping injuries.


What We Know

As of early September 2019, US authorities reported five deaths and more than 450 possible instances of injuries related to lung injuries caused by vaping. It was unknown what vaping product or usage was contributing to the injuries.

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Dangerous products in Homestead and across Florida cause many injuries, fires, and even fatalities each year. Whether you are buying cosmetics, electronics, toys, or any other product online, make sure you consider safety first. Many websites offer specialty products and amazing discounts. While online shopping can be fun (and a bargain) not everything you buy online is safe.


Use these tips to stay safe when shopping virtually:

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Electronic cigarettes release water vapor, flavorings, and in some cases tobacco. They have become a popular alternative to cigarette in recent years. Unfortunately, they have also been in the news for serious injuries. The lithium batteries used in e-cigarettes have sometimes burst into fire or exploded, causing serious injury to e-cigarette users. There have even been fatalities linked to these devices. If you are injured by an e-cigarette, contact a Homestead or South Florida products liability attorney to discuss your options.


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In Homestead and across South Florida, we rely on our mobile devices and various technology to do our jobs, entertain us, and more. Whether you’re checking the weather on your tablet, typing work emails on your laptop, or getting to a sports event by using your car’s GPS, you are surrounded by electronic devices. Of course, you expect these devices to be safe, but each year Homestead and Florida residents suffer serious burns and injuries caused by malfunctioning, exploding, and poorly-deigned electronic devices.


Electronic devices are complex and are usually made from parts sourced all over the world. While there are consumer protection groups aimed at evaluating these items for safety and while there are state and federal standards for safety, it is difficult to closely monitor all products entering the country. If you have been injured by a dangerous electronic product, consult with a Homestead products liability attorney to find out whether you have a claim.

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Technology makes our lives easier and allows us to stay in touch. However, it can also result in personal injury when it is not made and designed with safety in mind. Each year, Americans are seriously injured or killed because their computers overheat and they sustain burn injuries, or because technology injures them in some other way. Whether the issue is a GPS system leading a driver to an unsafe area or a self-driving car causing a car accident, technology can be deadly. When technology manufacturers are negligent in creating their hardware and software systems, they can be held liable and you may have a claim if you have been injured.


What to do if Technology Hurts You

If a computer, cell phone, tablet, or other device or piece of technology has overheated and caused injury or has exploded or the battery has leaked or if there is any other problem which has caused injury, you will want to get immediate medical attention. You will also want to take photos of the device and keep the device itself as well as any paperwork you have for that item, such as receipts or an owner’s manual.

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At this time of year, many consumers are looking for products to make their lives better and to help them achieve their new year’s resolutions. Exercise equipment, health supplements, and beauty products, as well as health foods and other products sell very well. Many of these purchases happen online, but if you are not careful you could find yourself buying dangerous products in Hollywood or your community.


Online sales today often rely on clickbait advertising to get purchasers to buy. Clickbait articles may use a number of underhanded marketing tactics, such as fake celebrity endorsements or dishonest promises, to get you to make a purchase. Here is how to stay safe:

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As a consumer in Hollywood and southern Florida, you probably expect the products you buy at your favorite game stores have been tested to be safe. While a number of government agencies are tasked with ensuring consumer goods, appliances, and foods are safe for us to use, each year thousands of people are injured or killed across the country due to defective products.


If you are a customer and have been injured by an unsafe product, you may have a civil claim against the retailer, manufacturer, importer, and other liable parties involved in making and selling the product. If you have been injured, save the product you believe has caused you harm and contact a personal injury attorney in Hollywood or your Florida community. You can always contact Flaxman Law Group if you’d like a free case analysis of your situation.

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At this time of year, you may be buying new products for yourself, taking advantage of holiday sales. Or maybe you have been getting products – such as new appliances, household items, or gadgets – for holiday gifts.


Millions of Americans use new products every day with no incident. Unfortunately, some people are seriously injured or even killed by defective or falsely made products. Whether it is burn injuries caused by overheating appliances, facial injuries caused by exploding gadgets, electrocutions due to faulty power tools, or other injuries, there’s no excuse for manufacturers who do not take the time to properly test and develop their products.

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