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What Happens When Freelancers and Work-at-Home Employees are Injured?

Workplace injuries in Homestead are unfortunately all too common. If you are injured at a traditional job, you are usually covered by workers’ compensation coverage. In addition, you may have a civil claim against the employer if the company was negligent1398441496zh29r in providing you with a safe workplace.

Increasingly, however, people are choosing work-at-home agreements or freelance work to supplement traditional work or even instead of traditional jobs. These more flexible jobs provide plenty of freedom, but they do come with some risks. One of those risks is that there are fewer benefits and protections offered. If you work at home as an independent contractor or freelancer, you may find that you have fewer protections if you are injured on the job.

If you work from home or freelance, read any contract agreement you have with employers and clients carefully. If you don’t have the protections and coverage offered to a traditional employee, there are still options available:

1) Independent insurance.

If you work from home, contact your home insurance provider to find out about added coverage options for you. Your insurance provider may be able to provide you with extra levels of protection in case you or anyone visiting your business is injured. You may also not have disability coverage, liability protection, or health insurance as part of your job, so you may wish to bundle coverage and get the most comprehensive policy possible to cover any eventuality. Ask about business insurance for small enterprises such as yours. You may find that some of these costs are deductibles, which can allow you to afford a better level of coverage.

2) Support from others.

Join a union related to freelancers or your specific job. Unions and advocacy groups are sometimes able to provide group health benefits or group insurance benefits as well as other benefits. They can also help you find clients, help you negotiate contracts, and provide other support as you work from home.

If you are injured while freelancing or working from home, work with a South Florida or Homestead personal injury attorney to make sure that you get fair benefits from your insurance provider. An insurance provider may be offering you less than you deserve for your injuries. You don’t want to be stuck with a settlement offer that does not cover all your costs. A Florida personal injury attorney can negotiate with insurance carriers on your behalf or can pursue a products liability claim if a defective product caused your injuries.

Have you been injured while working from home? Are you having trouble with your insurance company? Are you concerned about your medical costs and other expenses? Contact Flaxman Law Group for a free, no obligation case review. Our law firm helps plaintiffs across South Florida and we would be pleased to consult with you to help you determine how much your case may be worth.