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If you have been in a truck accident in Miami or anywhere in South Florida, you will need to hire a truck accident attorney. This is not the sort of case you want to take on yourself. Truck carries have powerful insurance companies and your injuries are likely to be serious. These are just two reasons why having an attorney makes sense for you.


Truck carriers and insurance attorneys may use their knowledge of the law to get you to accept an offer which may not necessarily pay the future costs of your injury. In addition, serious injuries from a truck accident can cause much higher cost than you imagine. You may have to pay for lifetime of increased medical costs, lots of incidental costs, car replacement bills, months of time lost at work, and more. You may even be permanently injured and may be unable to return to your job, meaning you need a lifetime of financial resources.

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If you’ve been in a crash in Homestead involving a tanker, big rig, tractor trailer, or any other truck, you may be thinking about the immediate short-term. You may worry whether you have hurt your back or suffered an injury. You may want to contact loved ones, get checked out by a doctor, or file a claim with your insurance company.


However, if you have been in a truck crash, you will want to take the long view. You will especially want to consider the long-term implications of your accident. To do that, you will need to consider:

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If you have been injured in a trucking collision in Hollywood or anywhere in southern Florida, one of the first things you’ll be considering is compensation. Very quickly, the costs of your injuries and truck crash will add up. You may lose time at work, you may lose valuable personal property in the crash, you may have medical bills piling up, and you will have other expenses you need to pay. Compensation can help to pay for these and other costs so they do not come out of your own pocket.


How you pursue compensation is an important consideration. You want to file the right claim at the right time to maximize your chances of benefits. In general, you have three main options for securing compensation after a truck crash in southern Florida:

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Being in a truck crash in Hollywood or anywhere in South Florida can mean a lengthy recovery time. Whether you’ve suffered a fracture, amputation, back injury, lacerations, or head trauma, the healing process can take some time. In addition, you may need time to recover from the emotional trauma of being in a traffic crash.


There is one additional type of recovery you may need to consider after a trucking collision: financial recovery. The truth is, being in a truck accident can be very costly. You may lose time at work and you may face considerable medical bills if you have been injured. You may need to repair or replace your car as well as any damaged possessions inside of it. Even paying for taxis or rentals can add up.

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Many workers are expected to drive trucks as part of their work duties. For example, truck drivers may be handling tractor-trailers, big rigs, tankers, or other larger vehicles all day. Delivery drivers, too, may be driving vans, light trucks or other vehicles to and from client’s homes. Warehouse laborers, construction workers, and other employees may all be required to drive a truck all or part of the time as part of their job duties.


Unfortunately, truck driving can increase the risk of a workplace accident. These heavy vehicles are difficult to maneuver and require more training. If you’re taking on a job that will mean you are to drive a heavy truck or even a light truck part or all the time, it is essential to get additional training and receive ongoing training to stay as safe as possible.

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Many trucking accident cases in Hollywood and across Florida are resolved out of court. The parties involved often reach a settlement rather than pursuing expensive litigation. Despite this, if you have a trucking collision claim in Hollywood or anywhere in southern Florida, it is important to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney who has trial experience.


Some people contact a personal injury attorney because they’re not sure whether they want to file a claim. If this is the case for you, there are several things you’ll want to ask yourself before you make a final decision:

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If you have been in a trucking collision in Homestead or any southern Florida community, one of the best things you can do is to work with a personal injury attorney specializing in trucking collision cases. Trucking collisions are not like car accidents. Trucking crashes are likely to involve multiple potential defendants, serious injuries and damages, and a longer recovery time. You need to ensure you have fair compensation for your injuries so you can get the full medical treatment you need.


A personal injury attorney can represent you with your insurance company or can proceed with a legal claim to seek the fair compensation you need to get quality medical treatment and support during this difficult time. However, you don’t want any attorney handling your case. The wrong attorney may not be able to get you the results you want. When seeking an attorney, make you look for:

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Being in a trucking accident in Homestead or any South Florida community will usually result in a claim. Whether you decide to file a legal claim or contact your car insurance company to seek compensation for car repairs, medical bills, and other costs, you are entering into a legal process. Unfortunately, many factors can hurt your claims, including things that seem quite innocuous:


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At Flaxman Law Group, our legal team often hears from people who have been seriously injured in a truck accident. Unfortunately, sometimes plaintiffs contact us after they’ve already made crucial mistakes that could hurt their claim. In many cases, plaintiffs make mistakes because they believe certain misconceptions about truck accidents. Do you have the following mistaken beliefs?:


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If you have been in a collision involving a tractor-trailer, tanker, big rig, or any larger vehicle, the injuries you sustain and the damages your car sustains may be significant. The larger force and size of the truck can simply mean that squeeze play accidents and other collisions can lead to your car being crushed or severely damaged.


You count on your car insurance company to protect you in these types of situations, but not every person injured in a trucking collision gets the compensation and outcomes they desire. You can increase your chances of a successful claim by:

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Mr. Flaxman is highly skilled and very pleasant to work with. He communicated with me at every step in the process, and clearly presented information relating to my case. To anyone considering retaining his firm, I highly recommend him. Clara Barman
THE BEST. Honest, very knowledgeable, fast and easy. has helped me in numerous situations and has never failed me. Joe Gee
Charlie is a very skilled attorney that advocates hard for his clients. But the best part is he is an all around great guy. He cares about helping and doing what is right for people and his community. And he is not afraid to fight against those who do wrong or against threats to our world. He is fluent in Spanish as well. Do yourself a favor and call him. Andy
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