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It’s hard to put a price tag on a serious injury. A catastrophic injury, such as brain trauma, spinal cord injury, an amputation, or any serious injury may cause severe trauma as well as physical pain and suffering. It’s hard to put monetary amount on that.


However, whether you file a legal claim or seek compensation through an insurer, determining the correct cost of your injuries is important. Knowing how much your claim is worth allows you to pursue fair compensation, so more of your injury is covered. This is important to help avoid high medical bills you can’t pay, lost income that leaves you unable to pay your living costs, and other financial disasters that unfortunately can happen to Florida plaintiffs.

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Florida follows a pure comparative negligence rule and you need to understand the basics of this rule to understand how negligence could impact your claim and the compensation you can seek. When you sit down with an attorney from Flaxman Law Group at our Miami, Homestead, or Hollywood offices, we’ll be looking at comparative negligence and how it could impact your potential case.

It doesn’t matter whether your injuries were caused by a workplace injury, car accident, slip and fall, or other situation. Comparative negligence needs to be considered.

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Serious injuries in Southern Florida and across the country are more common than many people realize. According to the CDC, 24.8 million Americans visit their doctors each year due to an injury and another 24.2 million. Unintentional injuries result in 224,935 deaths each year.


Flaxman Law Group has represented many people in personal injury claims in Southern Florida through our offices in Miami, Homestead, and Hollywood, and we’ve seen many types of injuries, from amputations to hip fractures to life-changing head injuries and other types of harm. In all cases, we advise people who have been injured to do the following to protect themselves and their finances.

Stay Calm

While the situation may be frightening, whether you’ve been in a boating accident or have suffered a workplace injury, try to stay calm so you can get the help you need. Evaluate the situation if you can so you can determine how seriously you’re injured and what your next steps should be.

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Many Americans live with a medical condition, whether it’s back aches, type 2 diabetes, migraines, or other conditions. If you’re injured in a workplace accident, traffic collision, other incident, your insurance may refuse to cover your injuries or may make a lowball offer.


According to Florida law, you may still have a claim if you’re injured and suffer an injury. For example, if you have osteoporosis and suffer a fracture in a slip and fall, you may still be eligible to file a claim against the property owner if they were negligent and their actions led to your injury. How much you may qualify for in such a case will depend on how much the injury worsened the existing medical condition.

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Unfortunately, Florida has some of the highest rates of bicycle accidents and injuries in the nation. While the warm weather makes the state ideal for biking, road design, driver inattention, and other issues can result in serious injury.


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We go to clinics and health facilities to get medical care and to heal from illnesses and injuries. Most of us don’t expect to get injured or ill in a doctor’s office or hospital, but it does happen.


Medical facilities of all kinds are expected to care for their patients and visitors. This means taking care of building maintenance, hiring security guards where needed, and working to provide a safe facility for patients. When they fail to do this, they can be held liable if someone is injured.

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Your roof is essential to your home’s structural integrity. It keeps out pests and rain, and helps protect your entire house from water damage and the weather. If there’s a problem with the roof, you might not notice right away, and this can cause extensive property damage to your home.

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In some cases, weather damage can blow a roof or shingles off the roof or cause structural damage to the roof itself. Some willful or neglectful actions on the part of neighbors or workers in your neighborhood can cause damage, too. If your neighbor is having their property fixed and a crane from the work crew crashes into your roof, for example, you may need extensive repairs.

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One of the leading causes of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in the general population involves serious accidents and injuries. A head injury, swimming pool accident, car accident, and other incidents affect not only the body, but also the mind’s ability to recover.


PTSD is a psychiatric disorder that will affect approximately one in 11 Americans during their lifetimes. It can take time to diagnose correctly, but getting treatment can help survivors of a serious injury reclaim their lives.

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The immediate impact of a serious car accident, workplace injury, or other injury is often pain. For many injury survivors, health is rightfully their first priority.


However, the team at Flaxman Law Group has often seen that finances are a close second when it comes to priority. After all, unexpected medical expenses are a leading cause of personal bankruptcy in the U.S. If you have sustained a catastrophic injury, protecting your financial future is important to your health and to rebuilding your life.

Here’s what you need to know.

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Toxic mold is a fungal growth that can grow in damp, warm environments. It can grow on any solid surface, including furniture, walls, floors, and inside walls, too. Unfortunately, South Florida has the right conditions for mold to flourish. It is warm most of the year and coastal areas, especially, tend to be humid. Major storms and flooding also affect the area, and these disasters can easily lead to mold.

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Toxic mold, specifically Stachybotrys Chartarum and toxigenic Aspergillus, can harm your health. They can cause:

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