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Truck accidents often cause devastating injuries for occupants of passenger cars involved in the crash. While truck drivers are well away from the impact of the crash in their cabs, passenger car drivers and passengers are not so lucky. In many cases, these types of accidents result in serious and life-threatening injuries to the passenger car occupants.


Spinal cord injuries in Hollywood and across South Florida are often caused by truck and traffic accidents. In some cases, these injuries are permanent and result in loss of income, inability to work, life in an assisted living facility and more. People with a significant and permanent spinal cord injury may not be able to take care of themselves and may even need to be on life support if their paralysis extends into their abdominal area. Life expectancy for significant spinal cord injury survivors may be lower and these patients may be more susceptible to infections, pneumonia and other serious complications.

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If you have been in a truck accident in Hollywood or anywhere in Southern Florida, the clock is ticking. The moment you are in a crash, your choices can impact your claim and the compensation you receive. Even minor decisions on your part can have an impact on your financial and legal future.


If you have been in a trucking collision, you may wonder if and when you need to contact an attorney. The reality is that it is important to make this call as soon as you can. The sooner you make that contact, the faster you can get legal advice about your situation.

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Truck crashes in Homestead and other cities can happen in an instant. One minute, you may be driving on a highway and the next you are involved in a serious collision. Timing can impact truck collisions and claims in other ways, too. Specifically, time is important when you file your claim and when you decide to proceed with your claim.

Filing Quickly is Important


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If you have been in a trucking crash in Miami or any South Florida community, evidence and documentation are important. They can help establish what happened and who the liable parties are. Some evidence will likely be collected by police and authorities. Some will be collected by insurance companies and by the truck carrier, who will have access to the truck’s black box, onboard computer, and other data.


Information and evidence is so important that you will want to work with a trucking accident attorney in Miami or your community. An attorney can subpoena and secure records from truck companies. He or she can also work with accident reconstruction experts and investigators to find support for your case.

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If you have been in a truck accident in Miami or anywhere in South Florida, you will need to hire a truck accident attorney. This is not the sort of case you want to take on yourself. Truck carries have powerful insurance companies and your injuries are likely to be serious. These are just two reasons why having an attorney makes sense for you.


Truck carriers and insurance attorneys may use their knowledge of the law to get you to accept an offer which may not necessarily pay the future costs of your injury. In addition, serious injuries from a truck accident can cause much higher cost than you imagine. You may have to pay for lifetime of increased medical costs, lots of incidental costs, car replacement bills, months of time lost at work, and more. You may even be permanently injured and may be unable to return to your job, meaning you need a lifetime of financial resources.

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If you have been in a trucking crash in southern Florida, you may have suffered a back injury. T-bone collisions, rear end crashes, front-end collisions, and any sort of crash can result in a back injury. The force of being thrown back and forth in your seat or the sudden impact of your body being thrown against the dashboard can cause slipped discs, soft tissue injuries, and other serious injuries. If you’re thrown from the vehicle, the impact of hitting the ground can cause spinal cord trauma and even paralysis.


Back injuries can be an especially troubling injury sustained in a trucking collision. There are a number of factors that make back injuries especially difficult:

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Trucking accidents in Homestead and the rest of Florida often lead to serious injuries, including fractures, back injuries, and other serious injuries. In some cases, those who have been injured in trucking collisions find their lives forever changed because  their injuries prove permanent.


Amputations, head trauma, back injuries and other injuries can all result in a lifetime of pain and medical treatment. They can also permanently affect your career prospects, earning potential and outlook. If you have been permanently injured, you need to keep in mind that:

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If you have been injured in a trucking collision in Hollywood or anywhere in southern Florida, one of the first things you’ll be considering is compensation. Very quickly, the costs of your injuries and truck crash will add up. You may lose time at work, you may lose valuable personal property in the crash, you may have medical bills piling up, and you will have other expenses you need to pay. Compensation can help to pay for these and other costs so they do not come out of your own pocket.


How you pursue compensation is an important consideration. You want to file the right claim at the right time to maximize your chances of benefits. In general, you have three main options for securing compensation after a truck crash in southern Florida:

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Being involved in a truck crash in Homestead or your community can be terrifying. It can cause serious injuries, including back injuries, whiplash, fractures, head trauma and other injuries. In many cases, the serious nature of truck collisions can also threaten your livelihood if your injuries prevent you from working.


What rights do you have after a truck crash in Homestead or your community? If you are a truck driver who works for a company, you may be able to file a workers’ compensation claim. This is the case if you are a part-time or full-time employee of a company and are injured in a crash while performing job duties. You may also have a third-party personal injury claim if mechanical failure was the cause of your crash. Contact a workers’ compensation attorney—like the team at Flaxman Law Group—to discuss your options at no charge.

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Many workers are expected to drive trucks as part of their work duties. For example, truck drivers may be handling tractor-trailers, big rigs, tankers, or other larger vehicles all day. Delivery drivers, too, may be driving vans, light trucks or other vehicles to and from client’s homes. Warehouse laborers, construction workers, and other employees may all be required to drive a truck all or part of the time as part of their job duties.


Unfortunately, truck driving can increase the risk of a workplace accident. These heavy vehicles are difficult to maneuver and require more training. If you’re taking on a job that will mean you are to drive a heavy truck or even a light truck part or all the time, it is essential to get additional training and receive ongoing training to stay as safe as possible.

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