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At this time of year, there may be more truck traffic at your home. You may be getting home décor items delivered, getting new furniture for entertaining, or getting someone to help with outdoor decorations. Many delivery drivers are busier than ever at this time of year and many service trucks are also on the road for longer hours as more of us get ready for the season.


Increased delivery truck traffic is not all bad; it can actually be safer for you. Getting someone to hang your holiday lights for you, for example, can help you avoid the risk of a serious fall injury. Having a store deliver large items (such as furniture) is also much safer than trying to squeeze large items in your car until your visibility is compromised.

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Miami-Dade police are looking for people involved in the reported theft of two semi-truck trailers from a Costco parking lot. The trailers contained what is reported to be about $18,000 worth of Christmas trees. According to authorities, trailers had a pin lock and satellite tracking. However, the pin lock may not have been engaged and the tracking was disabled at some point during the night of the theft.

This incident highlights a disturbing trend occurring during the holidays; trailer and cargo thefts. The cargo in trailers sometimes represents a significant temptation for thieves, since the cargo headed for customers and stores can usually be sold for profits. Electronics are one of the most commonly stolen cargo items, although food and drink and pharmaceutical shipments are also commonly targeted.


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Now that the holidays are rapidly approaching, there may be more trucks on the roads. Stores are ordering more products to keep up with the holiday rush and more stores are offering delivery services. Customers are ordering more products and services for the holidays, too, putting more trucks on the roads.

For many truck drivers, this is the “busy” season of the year, and that can also make it more dangerous. More traffic and tighter deadlines can lead to deadly accidents on our Hollywood highways and roadways.


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Back-to-school sales are at all the stores, and this is great news for retailers. Many stores report a huge surge in shoppers around this time of year, which is great news for the economy and local businesses. If you are headed to back-to-school sales, however, you need to be aware that there may be an increased risk of truck accidents as well as an increased opportunity for bargains at this time of year.

Stores are ordering more products to fill the shelves, and this can mean more stores are having more goods delivered by truck. In addition, stores offering delivery may be relying on couriers and delivery trucks to get purchase items to their customers. All of this can mean more traffic, especially around stores. If you are injured in a truck accident in Hollywood or South Florida, do not hesitate to contact Flaxman Law Group for a free accident consultation to talk about your options.


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Not all truck accidents in Hollywood and Florida are the same. Depending on the type of truck that was involved in your collision, you may have very different injuries or you may have a different risk for serious injuries:

1) Delivery trucks.

Delivery trucks tend to be light trucks, and one of the biggest dangers with these types of vehicles is that they make frequent, unexpected stops. They may also have to park in unusual spots to deliver their cargo, creating a risk of rear end accidents and other types of collisions.file8521270048939


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Courier trucks and delivery trucks in Miami Gardens and other South Florida communities are usually owned by private businesses and deliver a range of products to customers and companies. You may rely on delivery trucks if you buy furniture from a furniture warehouse, for example, or your business may depend on a courier truck to get new office supplies or new office equipment to your offices.


While these light trucks have an important role to play in business and in our lives, these vehicles can and do get into severe accidents in Miami Gardens and other communities. Drivers operating lighter courier trucks and delivery vans are often on a tight deadline and tend to drive in unfamiliar areas to make deliveries. This can be a disastrous combination, especially when combined with an inexperienced or undertrained driver.

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Flatbed trucks are commercial trucks with a weight of at least 10,000 pounds (not including cargo or passengers). In a tractor-trailer, the cargo is hitched to the cab and the cab can be completely separated from the trailer carrying the cargo. This is not the case with the flatbed truck. With a flatbed truck, the flatbed is open and is attached directly and permanently to the truck’s chassis.


Flatbed trucks are often used to transport large, heavy, and unwieldy cargo. For example, these vehicles are commonly used to transport manufactured homes, lumber, building materials, vehicles, logs, and other large objects. One of the dangers with this is that the cargo can shift during an impact in an accident and the cargo can become loose or can shift forward and back, causing damage to the cab guards and striking the driver.

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Many people consider factors such as speeding, fatigued driving, and distraction as causes of truck accidents in Hollywood and Florida. While it’s true that these issues cause many truck accidents each year, experts say that something as seemingly innocuous as lack of parking spots can lead to trucker fatalities and collisions.


When truck drivers need to stop on the road, they can do so at hotels or at truck stops. However, some drivers find themselves far from these types of accommodations. If they arrive early at a supplier’s property or delivery site, for example, they may find that parking areas are fenced off or inaccessible. This leads some truckers to stop in abandoned lots or in overcrowded rest stop areas, where collisions or problems can occur. Some truckers have found themselves robbed or attacked because they did not have a safe place to park. In other cases, truck drivers have found themselves in parking lot accidents due to lack of adequate parking.

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Truck traffic tends to pick up in Miami in November and December, making trucking collisions more likely. As retailers and businesses get ready for the holiday rush, they order more shipments, many of which are delivered by truck. More customers are also ordering items for delivery at this time of year, which can also mean more trucks on the roads and in parking lots.


To reduce your risk of being in a traffic accident in Miami or your community, you will want to be aware of the increased traffic. You will also want to:

1) Maintain your vehicle. This is a good time to take your car in for a tune-up, especially if you will be traveling a great deal for the holidays or taking road trips to see friends and family.

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Local businesses in Hollywood and across Florida rely on delivery trucks to bring in inventory, distribute products, and deliver items to customers. While big rigs, tractor trailers, and delivery vans help the economy, they also pose a serious challenge for businesses. No business wants a truck carrying their products to be involved in a serious crash. Fortunately, there are things that businesses can do to prevent this from happening:

1) Hire the right trucking company.

Businesses vote with their dollars, just like customers do. When hiring a truck carrier or delivery service, business owners have every right to choose a truck carrier with an excellent safety record. This not only can protect a company legally, but it can reduce the risk of a trucking accident. Before hiring a truck carrier or entrusting company products with a trucking company, ask questions. What is the company’s safety record? Which drivers will be delivering the products? What screening processes are in place to select and hire the right drivers?

2) Create a written policy for truck safety.

Preventing traffic crashes in Hollywood or your city is not just luck. Having a plan ensures that delivery drivers and others working for your company understand what they need to do in order to drive safely. Your written plan for your truck drivers may include a “no cell phone use while driving” rule or may require drivers to get additional training before starting work.

delivery truck crashes

How safe are your delivery trucks?

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