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Camping around the South Florida area near Hollywood, Homestead, and other communities is a beautiful way to enjoy all the green spaces and nature of our state’s national parks. Camping can create a lifetime of memories, allow you to spend time in fresh air, and can help you stay fit by giving you lots of opportunities for biking and hiking.


While our camping grounds are generally safe, not all campgrounds are careful in providing adequate lighting, trail maintenance, and other services to help keep reduce your risks of injury.

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Southern Florida, including Miami, are known for their amusement parks. In fact, visitors from all over the world arrive in southern Florida every year to experience the magic of theme parks and amusement parks. Most visitors and residents go to these parks expecting to have a wonderful time and to make a lifetime of memories. Unfortunately, amusement park injuries can have a devastating impact not only on your vacation but for months and even years to come.


Getting fair compensation if you have been injured ensures you have money to pay for medical bills and other costs. If you are visiting Florida, compensation can help you pay for return flights home and the other expenses you may accumulate as an injured tourist.

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Having a summer house in Hollywood, Homestead, or anywhere in South Florida is a wonderful way to enjoy the beaches and sunshine. To really enjoy your time in your second home or vacation property, however, you may want to take safety precautions to keep safe:


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If you are planning on vacationing this summer, you may want to make money from your property rather than allowing it to sit empty. There are many websites which allow you to rent out your home for months or even just a night.


While home rentals seem simple, however, they might expose you to premises liability claims in Homestead or your community. Tenants can be injured on your property, can stumble onto neighboring property and cause damage there, or can end up causing losses on your property through negligence. If this happens, would you be covered? If a tenant were injured, would you need more insurance than you currently have?

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Florida is famous for its beautiful palm trees and green spaces. Many homes in Hollywood have trees growing nearby and many property owners enjoy having trees on their property. After all, these additions to a yard offer shade on hot summer days and can make a property more attractive and valuable. Trees also help clean the air.


While healthy trees are a great addition to a yard, they can become a problem. What happens inf a neighbor plants a tree which blocks your view? What happens when a tree is located at a property line? What happens if a palm tips over and causes damage on your property? These issues are quite common and lead to many disputes and claims.

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Zoos are meant to be an education place for children and families and these attractions have been around for generations. While a trip to the zoo can be a safe activity, there have been incidents where a child is seriously injured in a zoo.


In Miami and other Florida locations, zoos pose a few dangers. The most obvious danger involves children wandering off and potentially falling into an enclosure. Young children are naturally curious about animals and many grow up around cats and dogs. They may not realize that the wild animals in a zoo are more dangerous and likely will bite or attack if a human enters their enclosure.

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Young adults moving away from home or out of the dorms for the first time and into an apartment may not be familiar with the process of seeking a good quality apartment and this can lead to injuries and legal claims. Many premises liability claims in Homestead and across South Florida are caused by property owners who do not take adequate care of their properties.



If you are just starting your apartment search, there are several things you can do to ensure you get a safe apartment:

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At this time of year, many people have resolved to get fit, and this can mean gyms in Homestead and South Florida are quite full. In addition, many people are resolving to work out at home, with gym equipment, videos, or just by themselves.


For those who want to get fit, a sudden focus on exercise can backfire if it leads to a gym or sports injury in Homestead or another community. Unfortunately, crowded gyms in January, poorly designed exercise equipment, and too-intense workouts can increase the risk of sprains, falls, and other injuries. To reduce your risk of injury as you focus on fitness, follow these tips:

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Hotels in Hollywood, Miami, and South Florida promise a comfortable and safe stay for guests. When hotels are negligent in providing safety measures, however, you may sustain injury during your stay. Common hotel injuries and damages can include slip and fall accidents, thefts or attacks, exposure to pests, and other hazards.


Hotels can reduce these dangers by using cameras and security guards, screening staff carefully, maintaining locks and other hotel features, keeping areas well-lit, having 24/7 staff on duty, controlling infestations of pests, and training staff properly. If hotels fail to take these and other reasonable steps to keep guests safe, they can be held liable for any injuries guest sustain as a result of the negligence.

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The gym is a great place to work out, get in shape, and enjoy the health benefits of exercise. Many gyms in Hollywood and South Florida are very safe, but serious injuries can and do happen at these establishments. Gyms can result in Hollywood premises liability claims if a gym owner is negligent in maintaining a safe space and visitors slip and fall, get injured by faulty exercise equipment, or suffer other injuries.


If you want to get in shape, there are several things you can do to stay safe at the gym:

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