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Trucks carry cargo all over the state and all across the country. Unfortunately, sometimes debris falls from trucks and ends up on our roads. In some cases, this debris is dangerous and can cause a secondary car accident when your car drives over it.


Even though you may not be able to prevent cargo falling from trucks, there are steps you can take to reduce your risk of debris-related crashes. If you want to take steps to avoid road debris accidents in Hialeah or your South Florida community, you will want to:

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Tow trucks do an important job on the roads. They help clean up after car accidents, you take your car off the highway if it is damaged and in need of repairs, and can come to your rescue if your car breaks down. However, tow trucks can also pose a danger on the roads.


Each year, tow truck accidents occur in Homestead and other South Florida communities. Very often, cars will slow down to look at what has happened when they see a tow truck. They may be so busy looking at the truck that they end up causing a secondary accident. In addition, cars don’t always slow down when trucks are stopped on the side of the road. This means tow truck drivers will sometimes be struck by a motorist who does not give them enough room. Tow trucks may also make unexpected stops or starts as part of their job, and this can cause collisions if other motorists are not attentive when driving.

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Professional truck drivers are some of the safest drivers on the road. To drive a commercial truck, drivers spend considerable time getting an education and training in order to operate a tractor-trailer, tanker, or other heavy commercial truck. Professional truck drivers pride themselves on knowing the roads, and they have some insights on staying safe in traffic.


Professional drivers generally agree that car drivers can stay safer on the road, even when driving around trucks, by:

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Labor Day weekend often means an increase in traffic and truck accidents in Miami, Hollywood, and other cities. More people on the roads and an increase in festivities where alcohol are served can create a deadly combination. While law enforcement officials in Southern Florida will be out to monitor the roadways in an effort to prevent truck and car accidents, it is ultimately everyone’s responsibility to practice road safety.


Safety starts with you, and even with efforts by law enforcement you will want to take steps to avoid a collision. Here’s how you can stay safer this holiday weekend:

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Double trailers, as their name suggests, are two tractor trailers hitched together on the same cab, one after another. These vehicles provoke much debate and controversy, with some claiming they make roads safer and some suggesting double trailer trucks are an added risk on the roads.


Advocates for double trailers – including those trying to convince Congress to change the rules to get more of these vehicles on the road – say double trailers are a good thing because:

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Although commercial trucks and buses represent only 4% of all registered vehicles on the road, they account for 13% of all accidents and 13% of road crash deaths. These collisions, due to the size of trucks, cause devastating injury and even fatalities. Pedestrians, bicyclists, and passenger car drivers have little chance in a crash involving a fully-loaded commercial truck.


While truck accidents do occur more often than collisions involving other types of vehicles, however, the fault is not necessarily that of truck drivers. Poor lighting was listed as a contributing factor in 43% of pedestrian-truck accidents in 2013 while 22.5% of pedestrians were under the influence of drugs and 20.1% were under the influence of alcohol. In about 14.5% of fatal accidents involving a pedestrian, truck driver distraction was listed as a cause.

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Truck accidents in Hollywood and South Florida may seem hard to predict, but in fact there are several risk factors that could help you spot potential danger on the road. When you share the road with big rigs, tractor trailers, and other vehicles, you need to be alert. Certain signs can indicate your risk of an accident is higher and you need to take action.

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Risk factors can include:

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Are you at risk for a trucking accident in Homestead or your South Florida community? You could be, especially if you have the following risk factors:

1) Being in an unfamiliar location.

Safety experts agree that driving in unfamiliar locations can increase your chances of a traffic collision. While you are statistically most likely to be in a car accident close to home, unfamiliar surroundings do put drivers at increased risk of collisions.


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All trucks have a clearance height and commercial truck drivers are carefully trained to ensure they know how to respect these limits. Unfortunately, if you rent a truck for moving day or to complete some renovations on your home, you may not have this training. This could put you at risk.


Each year, around the country people are injured and trucks sustain serious damage because drivers attempt to driver under train bridges, pedestrian overhead walkways, underpasses, and other obstacles that don’t offer enough clearance. When a too-high truck tries to squeeze under an underpass or an overhang that’s too low, the top of the truck can literally be sheared off or seriously damaged. In some cases, vehicles get stuck.

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In Tampa, Florida, the South Howard district is the heart of the city’s nightlife. Here, steakhouses, bars, pubs, and clubs draw people from all over the city. Of course, when alcohol is served there is always a concern about drunk driving.


Unfortunately, an investigative report found that the area saw more cars towed than any other region of the city – and the majority of towed vehicles were towed in the early hours of the morning, after 5 a.m. This is despite the fact that Tampa has a law allowing cars to remain parked overnight near alcohol-serving establishments.

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